What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

Lots of dads don’t want another set of B&D drill bits this Father’s Day. They might not tell you this, but they crave paternal pampering. GingerChi products are handcrafted from the best quality ingredients and will leave the whole family, including Dad, with a rosy glow. And who doesn’t want softer and younger-looking skin?

A Close Shave

Dad’s irritated chin-skin will rejoice when you introduce him to our invigorating moisturizing Purifying Face Cleansing Oil  60ml ($28) which doubles as a premium shaving oil. Unlike harsh shaving foams which dry out the skin, our oil both cleanses and lubricates for the closest shave ever - preventing redness, irritation and unattractive razor bumps. It smells great too with its blend of organic ginger, Frankincense and lavender oil.

Scrub Up

All dads-on-the-go will benefit from starting their day with a good-ol’ dry body brushing and our Meridian Dry Body Brush ($16) is made from the natural fibers of the sisal plant. Dry brushing has a million and one health benefits including the promotion of blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and drastically improved skin texture. Dad should use the brush before showering and brush towards the heart for the best health benefits.
Soften and Scent

If you want to splash out on Dad this year, you can pair a dry body brush with our replenishing Juniper Body Oil 60ml / 120ml ($20/$35) for a scintillatingly earthy treat. With its unique blend of fresh Juniper oil, spicy Cypress oil and zesty lemon and grapefruit extracts, using the oil after brushing will result in significantly softer, cleaner and more fragrant dad-skin! Mum will thank you for it.

A Healthy Rush

Every dad will quickly become a Chi Boost Energy Stick addict if given the chance. Perfect for those moments he wants to doze off in a business meeting or a family lunch but doesn’t want another cup of coffee, a quick roll of the GingerChi Chi Boost Energy Stick 10ml ($16) gives Dad an instant boost that will get his Chi revving and drive him through the day with the energy of a champion. It’s packed full of fresh ginger and rosemary and can fit in any pocket. It’s so effective that we suggest it not be used by dads with high blood pressure.

Soothing Waters

What dad doesn’t dream of a nice long hot bath filled with warming ginger? If your dad is lucky enough to own a bathtub, there is no excuse to not treat him with this enticing blend of coconut and apricot kernel oils finished with a blast of fresh ginger oil: Bath and Shower Infusion 60ml ($15). And our oil can be used in the shower so those dads without a bath don’t have to miss out.

Warm Sips

Dad will love a nice brew to fill his favorite mug - and nothing could be better for a father with flagging energy than our Organic Ginseng Ginger Tea ($12 for 38 servings). Caffeine free, our tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is an uplifting blend of dried ginger, ginseng (especially useful for male vitality and virility), orange peel, rosehip, mint and chamomile.

Teeth & Gums & Tongues

Dads everywhere who appreciate fresh breath and strong pink gums will thank you for our unique Oral Detox Oil Pulling Blend 250ml ($15) which adds breath freshening, antibacterial and gum strengthening essential oils including Peppermint, Tea Tree leaf and Myrrh to a neutral sunflower oil base. Unlike synthetic mouth washes, our blend is gentle on the mouth and employs the ancient principles of Ayurvedic medicine for a powerful whole mouth / whole body detox effect.

An Apple A Day

If your dad gets any kind of ache or pain and you want to encourage him to find a natural alternative to painkillers, present him with a bottle of our All Purpose Healing Oil 100ml ($35). He can use it to soothe away headaches, alleviate nausea or indigestion, ease muscle pain and tension and to shoo away a variety of other complaints. It’s the gift for the dad who has everything.

Jetsetter Dad

If your dad is a frequent flyer taking long haul business trips, his skin will be as parched as a lizard in the midday sun when he gets off the plane. A perfect gift for your high flying pop is our Face Travel Set ($36) which is small enough to fit in even the sleekest carry-on luggage and will give him the well-hydrated face every dad deserves.

A Whole Lotta Love

Even better, we will include a full-size Penetrating Relief Roll On 10ml ($25) ABSOLUTELY FREE as our gift to your dad with your order over $25 plus FREE US Shipping (valid through June 15). This medley of luxurious aromatic healing oils - including fresh Ginger, Lavender, Camphor, Laurel, Peppermint and Rosemary - will help him roll away aches, pains and congestion and soothe itchy bites and sore bruised skin the natural way. (And if you decide to pocket it for yourself we won’t tell!) *Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if taking medication.

Don't wait until June 15 as we only have 20 roll-ons for this special offer so order now to get the free gift. Use code: CHI4DADS at checkout, one coupon per address. *** NOTE: This coupon has expired. ***

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