GingerChi Gift Giving Guide

GingerChi Holiday Gift Store

This year, treat you and your loved ones gifts of Chi for the body, soul, and all needs in between. Spend over $75 and receive our gift of 2oz tin of GingerChi’s Ginger Ginseng Tea.

Gifts Over $45

Cleanser and Toner Face set

Brighten up the routines of the people in your life with our radiant Cleanser & Toner Face Set Pack 60 ml/2oz ($60). This pack comes with our soft Muslin Face Cloth, made with 100% organic cotton for a deep clean every time. This is great for daily makeup removal or washing away the day’s grime while boosting circulation. Imagine giving the luxurious gift of an instant morning or evening pampering.

Detox Body Set

For someone who you truly care about, this gift says it all. Our Detox Body Set ($74), a Rejuvenating system that will revitalize Chi and well-being.

This set includes the perfect solution for natural detoxification and maintaining soft supple skin:

Whole Woman Nourish Set 30ml/1oz - $65

THANK THE WOMEN in your life for carrying creative, nurturing energy and treat them to our collection of massage oils designed to encourage health and well being. Also comes as 4ml samplers (Nourish Sampler 3 in 1, 4ml - $8) makes perfect stocking stuffer, providing an introduction on the importance of naturally caring for a women’s whole body.


Each set includes:

  • GingerChi Breast Massage Oil
  • GingerChi Stomach/ Tummy Tone Massage Oil
  • GingerChi Uterine Massage Oil

Gifts $20 - $40

Body Travel Set

WHEN THE HOLIDAYS come around, it’s almost a sure thing that somebody will be traveling to unite with family and friends. While there’s joy abound, changing time zones or flights, snacking at on-the-go convenience stores or sleeping in a different bed can wear down the body’s energy and glow. With our Body Travel Set ($28), your road warriors will be refreshed and invigorated no matter the distance this holiday and into the next year.  We provide the best combination of natural, high quality ingredients to deliver full rejuvenation to body, mind and soul.

Enclosed in a muslin bag, this set contains: Revitalizing Body Sugar Scrub 1 oz, Replenishing Juniper Body Oil 1 fl oz, Penetrating Hair Shine Serum .5 fl oz All items help clear, strengthen and soften skin, and lead to a nourished body more than skin deep.

Chi Roller Anti-Aging Jade Therapy with 10ml Argan Anti-wrinkle Roll On

Show how much you care with our unique Chi Roller Anti Aging Jade Therapy ($40) set. Introducing a practice used for centuries to refine and enhance skin elasticity, stimulating meridians points to promote facial Chi, the gift will surely be a stand out.

Included in the set is our Argan Anti-Wrinkle Roller. To be Used along with the jade chi roller to soften and moisturizes skin, helping to maintain the skin's natural elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aromatherapy Necklace Diffuser Pendant

This is just not any accessory. This unique and thoughtful gift goes beyond regular gift giving. Our Aromatherapy Necklace Diffuser Pendant ($28) disperses the perfect blend of Essential Oils known to soothe, energize and stimulate. The one-of-a-kind Aromatherapy dispenser silver pendant hangs beautifully on a 24” waxed leather cord and holds an essential oils diffuser felt ball inside. Warning: Everyone will want one.

Set includes:

  • Silver-plated Aromatherapy Locket with 24” waxed leather cord.
  • 3.5ml GingerChi Boost Clarity Blend of essential oils.
  • 2 absorbent felt essential oils diffuser balls.


All Purpose Healing Massage Oil

Our multi-tasking All Purpose Healing Massage Oil with the Benefits of Ginger 30ml/1oz ($18) can be used for therapeutic massage to alleviate a number of ills, aches and pains. It’s made of essential oils including Plai, a member of the Ginger family, an essential oil that has been in the “toolkit” of Asian therapeutic massage. Supply your loved ones with a great, natural alternative to have on hand this holiday season.

For Every Need In Between: Stocking Stuffers

Heal and Shine Roll On Lip Oil

WHETHER YOUR WINTER looks snowy or sunburned or somewhere in between, help your friends and family care for tender lips in any condition with GingerChi Heal & Shine Roll-On Lip Oil ($12), which consists of jojoba oil, rosemary oil, Vitamin E and fresh ginger root oil and other natural ingredients.

This lip oil sinks into the entire lip tissue to heal cracked, chapped lips from within and leaves lips soft, plump and infused with Chi.

GingerChi Boost Energy Stick

AS HOLIDAYS COME with a rush of shopping, cooking and last minute to-dos, there’s just as much excitement when we welcome a new year. We make resolutions, goals and ideas to make this next year THE year. Give the gift of long-lasting physical and mental energy with GingerChi Chi Boost Energy Stick 10ml ($16) to make sure those around you welcome each day with full fervor. The sharp, clean fragrance awakens while working with the body’s pulse points on your wrist or back of your neck.

GuaSha Jade Treatment for Natural Face Lift

What lovely ladies in you life wouldn’t enjoy GingerChi's latest beauty routine? the GingerChi GuaSha Treatment for Natural Face Lift Therapy is a modern anti-aging treatment based on the ancient healing art of GuaSha. At $18, this unique gift is a no-brainer.

GuaSha is a massage-like healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine that incorporates a stone or porcelain tool and a lubricant. The tool is used to apply pressure while gliding over the skin. The purpose is to stimulate meridians and circulation to heal pain and inflammation in the body and to revitalize chi.

GingerChi Hydrating Chi Mist – 1oz

At only $11, The GingerChi Hydrating Chi Mist makes a perfect stocking stuffer. This refreshing pick-me-up for revitalizing Chi is sure to please. Lovingly blended with 100% plant hydrosols of Rose Distillate and Roman Chamomile with a hint of fresh ginger. Suitable for all skin, mist over your face, body and hair to feel rehydrated, cool, calm and collected. Use as a room spray to break up stagnant chi and bring in loving energy!


Wishing good Chi and happy holidays!