GingerChi Opens NYC Shop


Away from the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, on the outskirts of Lower East Side it made perfect sense that an artisinal beauty line that combines eastern philosophies and western practices set up a brick and mortar shop. 
Located at Shop 54W Henry Street, between Catherine and Market, GingerChi can now display it's a full line of beauty, bath/lifestyle productthat combines fresh ginger oil and other plant essential oils for customers to come in touch, smell and discover.

Ginger known for healing and detoxifying benefits also has around 40 antioxidant compounds. GingerChi has tapped into these antioxidants to prevent free radical damage, help protect against aging, even skin tone and promote skin elasticity. Packed with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, other benefits of ginger include toning and prevention of cellulite as well as stimulate hair growth.

 Chi, or Qi (pronounced CHEE) is a Chinese word for the ‘life force’ inherent in all things.

Ginger + Chi, is about utilizing plant based ingredients and working with the body’s natural self-regulating system to naturally create balance for Chi to flow freely so beauty can radiate from within.

 The new GingerChi shop, inspired by a 1930’s utilitarian medical laboratory with splashes of fresh greenery, a center bench of white marble and simple industrial fixtures, exudes a Zen-like quality of peacefulness and calm.

 The shelves are lined with various Chi-enhancing face, body and well-being regimens along with unique skincare tools such as meridian dry brushes, organic muslin face cloths and the popular GingerChi jade rollers and guashas. In ancient China, it is said Empresses used jade to maintain their youth and beauty. A mask made with jade beads, is not only beautiful and intricate but the effects of the cool healing stones over tired eyes and forehead, is indeed a luxurious way to smooth away lines and furrows.

 True Beauty is not about quick fixes and expensive procedures. GingerChi believes it is through a path of mindfulness, of what we put on our skins and in our bodies, our awareness of our environment and how we live our lives.

 We invite you to drop by, have some tea and ginger treats and discover “The way of Beauty’ with GingerChi.



Ginger Chi
Ginger Chi


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