The skin that holds our body together is all we have. Skin is the body’s first line of defense and reveals a lot about one’s health. In order to keep the skin healthy here are some important facts to consider:

  • The skin is the largest most important eliminative organ in the body and is responsible for one quarter of the body’s detoxification each day
  • The skin eliminates over one pound of waste acids each day in the average adult, most of it through the sweat glands
  • The skin is known also as our third kidney
  • The skin receives one third of all the blood circulated in the body
  • The skin the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency

Maintaining the flow of Chi, balancing the absorption of nutrients with the elimination of waste through detoxification, is vital to health and beauty.

 "Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle." - Erno Lazlo

Detoxification is performed by a number of organs, glands, and transportation systems, including the lymphatic system. Just below our skin, the lymphatic system is a network of vessels that carry nutrients to cells and remove toxins. 

Dry Brushing is a swift and powerful way to enhance the detoxification process. Not only can Dry Brushing be used as a gentle massage to stimulate the organs, it can also help with the elimination of toxins through the skin for improved circulation and a rejuvenated appearance.

How to Dry Brush

Included with our Sisal and Hand-held Jute Brushes are a set of easy to follow instructions. Starting at the feet, up the legs then up the back and the arms. Followed by circular movements around the stomach area, and over the breast and arm-pit area towards the heart and chest area where the lymph system drains. 

Dry Brushing should be done "dry" before showering and bathing. Because the skin has been exfoliated after bathing, application of moisturizer, lotion or body oil can easily be absorbed. That is why we include with our brushes, a sample of our Replenishing Juniper Body Oil containing oils that can help tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Regular use of Dry Brushing can help stimulate and accelerate the removal of toxins through the lymph nodes. The routine takes only 5 to 10 minutes and should be incorporated into one’s regular beauty regime for optimal health, energy as well as wonderful looking skin.


  • Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Purifies the lymphatic system
  • Enhances the function of the nervous system
  • Exfoliate dead skin layer
  • Aids in digestion 
  • Stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands 
  • Helps the elasticity of the skin
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Tones the muscles
  • Improves circulation

Selecting your Dry Brush

Make sure your brush has natural bristles and not plastic. Coarse bristles, like the Sisal Brush, is perfect when it comes to exfoliation. It may be a bit harsh on thinner and less exposed skin, especially areas around the neck, stomach and breast area. These also happen to be prime spots for lymphatic drainage, particularly the arm pits and inner thigh areas. It is recommended to use gentle brush strokes in the direction towards the heart and lymph nodes, allowing toxins to be released.

We highly recommend using both the Sisal and the Hand-held Jute, in order to cover all areas of the body comfortably. The Sisal with cotton handle can help reach the back areas as well as the legs and feet. For the more sensitive areas, the Hand-held Jute fits nicely in the palm, allowing more control over the amount of pressure exerted.

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