Spring Detox Guide to Revitalize Chi.

Spring is here!

Spring is about growth and new beginnings. It’s where winter meets summer, where all things come into balance. It’s the perfect time to clean and clear everything that’s weighed us down during the winter months and prepare for possibilities ahead.

During the winter months with extreme weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures, we tend to hibernate, exercise less, eat more and crave heartier meals. Our body’s self-regulating systems such as the circulatory, respiratory and endocrine systems with their ability to eliminate, can become overloaded and sluggish. Toxins absorbed through food and the environment accumulate and Chi becomes blocked.

This not only takes a toll on the physical body apparent by the condition of our skin, eyes and hair but our well being and spiritual states can also be affected.

Our bodies need to reboot and start afresh.

Spring is the perfect time to detox. Through detoxification, we help our body cleanse away toxins, break down stagnation, shed dead skin cells, stimulate the yang energy, bring fresh blood to the organs and revitalize our Chi.


Relish in Spring’s Bounty

With spring, many fresh local and seasonal fruits and vegetables are now available. Eating seasonal food helps our bodies adjust to change. With the temperatures gradually rising, we require less heavy starches and carbohydrates the body instinctively craved during the winter months.

Spring is about eating lighter, fresher and consuming more liquids.


Excess wastes can accumulate in the colon and along the lower digestive tract. Reduce your sodium intake and cleanse with herbal teas and self-massage. Try our new GingerChi Cleansing Tea as well as our Tummy Tone Massage Oil which both offer gentle detoxification for the digestive system.

Step into Spring

Exercise is the best way to increase circulation and improve the efficiency of the heart. When we exercise we increase the rate at which the body eliminates waste. Exercise also helps decrease accumulation of excess fat and cholesterol in the arteries, which forces the heart to work harder.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believe each organ is associated with an element. Heart - fire, Earth - stomach and spleen, Kidneys - Water, Lung - metal and Liver - wood. Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Yoga are gentle forms of exercise which work with the body’s elements to bring them into alignment. The movements and postures help stimulate the meridian points, releasing blockages and cultivate Chi (prana).

Check out the set of Chi Kung exercises included in our Total Detox and Rejuvenation Chi Kit.


Nourish the feminine

For women, the menstrual cycle is another way in which the body cleanses itself. For women excess toxins in the body can result in painful periods as
well as swollen and tender breasts before and during the menstrual cycle. Massaging the breast and lower abdomen can help move these accumulated toxins out of the body. GingerChi has created our Nourish line of therapeutic massage oils to assist with caring for a woman’s body and specific needs. The
GingerChi Breast Oil helps decrease swelling and pain while also firming the breast and décolletage. The GingerChi Uterine Oil works to tone the uterus and eliminate stagnant Chi, which can lead to fibroids, painful periods and infertility.

Out with the old and in with the new

The skin and lymphatic systems are also prime areas of the body for detoxification. Did you know that we eliminate up to 1/3 of our waste through our skin? Never underestimate the value of a good sweat. The lymphatic system is also helped by exercise as our lymphatic fluid is circulated through muscle movement. A healthy lymphatic system protects us from sickness and disease.

Both the skin and the lymphatic system are helped by dry skin brushing. The GingerChi Meridian Dry Brush System is one of our most popular products. Dry skin brushing enhances Chi by stimulating circulation of lymph, breaking up cellulite, and sloughing dead skin cells off the body surface. GingerChi Revitalizing Sugar Scrub and GingerChi Juniper Oil containing Ginger, grapefruit and Juniper Oils, naturally brightens, tones and renews skin.

Regular Lymphatic massage can also be practiced on the various lymphatic nodes on the face and neck area. Using the GingerChi Chi Jade Roller and GingerChi GuaSha not only helps smooth out fine lines but can stimulate points to release toxins, increasing Chi and lymph flow.

The Ayurvedic method of Oil Pulling is a wonderful way to pull toxins from the body while clearing bacteria from the mouth. Swish daily with GingerChi Oral Detox and you will notice not only whiter teeth but an overall feeling of health.

Detox your environment

While spring is a great time to detoxify your body, it’s also the perfect time to de-clutter and Detox your environment. The term “spring-cleaning” couldn’t be more appropriate.

Check out your home cleaning supplies. Many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can pollute your home create health issues. There are many responsible companies now that offer safe and sustainable products that are kind to people and the environment.

To clear stagnant energy around you, simply spritz some of our GingerChi Hydrating Chi Mist over yourself as well the surrounding area. The Rose and Roman Chamolmile floral waters will soothe and refresh your Chi.

Clutter can overload our senses, affecting our well being as well as our mental and spiritual states. Organizing, getting rid of excess, physically as well as what’s not working in your life will surely liberate and inspire you to live a more happy, healthier and harmonious life.

To jump-start the detox of your surroundings, we recommend this an inspiring book by Japanese author, Marie Kondo: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

We leave you with this parting thought. Spring is an amazing and uplifting time of year. A season of change and growth that can inspire us to reach new heights.

It is when we understand the nature of balance, the yin and yang of life, that harmony and true happiness can be achieved.

February 28, 2016


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Chi on the go

The purpose of GingerChi has always been to educate people about the vital life energy called Chi, and provide solutions for maintaining good Chi.

Chi and Aromatherapy.

The word Aromatherapy is relatively new but the concept of harnessing the therapeutic value in fragrant plants goes back thousands of years. Essential oils certainly have amazing benefits when applied topically, but the greatest benefit to our mind and emotions occur through inhalation.

GingerChi not only uses the healing power of essential oils extensively for their anti-aging, detoxifying, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties but harnessing aromatherapy benefits is also vital in the cultivation of Chi.

Inhaling essential oil molecules triggers the release of hormones that influence the autonomic nervous system. This system regulates involuntary responses such as heart rate, perspiration, and digestion, all the responses that become over active when we experience stress. 

Keeping this system balanced is critical for achieving and maintaining good Chi. Chi is our vital life energy. When we are out of balance, we have to use more of that energy to function. If we are repeatedly under stress, it saps our vital life energy putting us at risk for illness, depression, and low quality of life. Using Aromatherapy for energy and balance helps vital Chi support our body, mind, and spirit. 

With this in mind, we are truly excited to introduce our newest product line, The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces.

Chi on the Go.

The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace is an elegant solution for allowing people to experience the benefits of Aromatherapy any time and any place. 

How it Works: 

Each pendant comes with a felt diffuser ball, necklace, and a GingerChi Essential Oil Blend. Simply open the pendant and place the diffuser ball inside. Place 3-5 drops of GingerChi Essential Oil Blend on the diffuser ball using the dropper included with your blend. Enjoy your first mobile Aromatherapy session by closing the pendant, putting on the necklace and inhaling deeply.

The GingerChi Essential Oil Blends: 

The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace utilizes proprietary essential oil blends, each for a different purpose. 

Clari-Chi: A blend for clarity and focus perfect for clearing the mind to prepare for working or important decision making. 

Ener-Chi: A blend for stimulating the mind and body, great for fighting the late afternoon slump or whenever you need a boost. 

Tranquil-Chi: A blend designed to balance and calm the mind, ideal for keeping calm in stressful moments. 

The Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace Collection.

The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace is available in three distinctive and beautiful designs. 

Grace. This tear-drop shaped pendant is 1.25” x 1” wide contains intricate lacework reminiscent of the art Nouveau era. The Grace Pendant is a statement accessory that looks great and helps you feel great. Choose the grace pendant if you like larger jewelry pieces and a longer necklace. 

Heart. This smaller tear-drop shape pendant measures .75 x .5”. The delicate and subtle Heart Pendant hangs on a short silver chain just below the collar bone. The Heart Pendant is ideal for those who prefer a classic look with elegant details. 

Sacred. The Sacred Pendant is a bold look appropriate for both men and women. The design utilized on the pendant represents wisdom and faith. The pendant measures .75” in diameter. The design combines eastern and European aesthetics. The Sacred Pendant is ideal for those who like to combine spirituality with fashion.

The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces are an effortless way to balance and replenish Chi and they make wonderful gifts. Here’s what one of our fans had to say: