Spring Detox Guide to Revitalize Chi.

Spring is here!

Spring is about growth and new beginnings. It’s where winter meets summer, where all things come into balance. It’s the perfect time to clean and clear everything that’s weighed us down during the winter months and prepare for possibilities ahead.

During the winter months with extreme weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures, we tend to hibernate, exercise less, eat more and crave heartier meals. Our body’s self-regulating systems such as the circulatory, respiratory and endocrine systems with their ability to eliminate, can become overloaded and sluggish. Toxins absorbed through food and the environment accumulate and Chi becomes blocked.

This not only takes a toll on the physical body apparent by the condition of our skin, eyes and hair but our well being and spiritual states can also be affected.

Our bodies need to reboot and start afresh.

Spring is the perfect time to detox. Through detoxification, we help our body cleanse away toxins, break down stagnation, shed dead skin cells, stimulate the yang energy, bring fresh blood to the organs and revitalize our Chi.


Relish in Spring’s Bounty

With spring, many fresh local and seasonal fruits and vegetables are now available. Eating seasonal food helps our bodies adjust to change. With the temperatures gradually rising, we require less heavy starches and carbohydrates the body instinctively craved during the winter months.

Spring is about eating lighter, fresher and consuming more liquids.


Excess wastes can accumulate in the colon and along the lower digestive tract. Reduce your sodium intake and cleanse with herbal teas and self-massage. Try our new GingerChi Cleansing Tea as well as our Tummy Tone Massage Oil which both offer gentle detoxification for the digestive system.

Step into Spring

Exercise is the best way to increase circulation and improve the efficiency of the heart. When we exercise we increase the rate at which the body eliminates waste. Exercise also helps decrease accumulation of excess fat and cholesterol in the arteries, which forces the heart to work harder.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believe each organ is associated with an element. Heart - fire, Earth - stomach and spleen, Kidneys - Water, Lung - metal and Liver - wood. Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Yoga are gentle forms of exercise which work with the body’s elements to bring them into alignment. The movements and postures help stimulate the meridian points, releasing blockages and cultivate Chi (prana).

Check out the set of Chi Kung exercises included in our Total Detox and Rejuvenation Chi Kit.


Nourish the feminine

For women, the menstrual cycle is another way in which the body cleanses itself. For women excess toxins in the body can result in painful periods as
well as swollen and tender breasts before and during the menstrual cycle. Massaging the breast and lower abdomen can help move these accumulated toxins out of the body. GingerChi has created our Nourish line of therapeutic massage oils to assist with caring for a woman’s body and specific needs. The
GingerChi Breast Oil helps decrease swelling and pain while also firming the breast and décolletage. The GingerChi Uterine Oil works to tone the uterus and eliminate stagnant Chi, which can lead to fibroids, painful periods and infertility.

Out with the old and in with the new

The skin and lymphatic systems are also prime areas of the body for detoxification. Did you know that we eliminate up to 1/3 of our waste through our skin? Never underestimate the value of a good sweat. The lymphatic system is also helped by exercise as our lymphatic fluid is circulated through muscle movement. A healthy lymphatic system protects us from sickness and disease.

Both the skin and the lymphatic system are helped by dry skin brushing. The GingerChi Meridian Dry Brush System is one of our most popular products. Dry skin brushing enhances Chi by stimulating circulation of lymph, breaking up cellulite, and sloughing dead skin cells off the body surface. GingerChi Revitalizing Sugar Scrub and GingerChi Juniper Oil containing Ginger, grapefruit and Juniper Oils, naturally brightens, tones and renews skin.

Regular Lymphatic massage can also be practiced on the various lymphatic nodes on the face and neck area. Using the GingerChi Chi Jade Roller and GingerChi GuaSha not only helps smooth out fine lines but can stimulate points to release toxins, increasing Chi and lymph flow.

The Ayurvedic method of Oil Pulling is a wonderful way to pull toxins from the body while clearing bacteria from the mouth. Swish daily with GingerChi Oral Detox and you will notice not only whiter teeth but an overall feeling of health.

Detox your environment

While spring is a great time to detoxify your body, it’s also the perfect time to de-clutter and Detox your environment. The term “spring-cleaning” couldn’t be more appropriate.

Check out your home cleaning supplies. Many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can pollute your home create health issues. There are many responsible companies now that offer safe and sustainable products that are kind to people and the environment.

To clear stagnant energy around you, simply spritz some of our GingerChi Hydrating Chi Mist over yourself as well the surrounding area. The Rose and Roman Chamolmile floral waters will soothe and refresh your Chi.

Clutter can overload our senses, affecting our well being as well as our mental and spiritual states. Organizing, getting rid of excess, physically as well as what’s not working in your life will surely liberate and inspire you to live a more happy, healthier and harmonious life.

To jump-start the detox of your surroundings, we recommend this an inspiring book by Japanese author, Marie Kondo: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

We leave you with this parting thought. Spring is an amazing and uplifting time of year. A season of change and growth that can inspire us to reach new heights.

It is when we understand the nature of balance, the yin and yang of life, that harmony and true happiness can be achieved.

February 28, 2016


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Chi on the go

The purpose of GingerChi has always been to educate people about the vital life energy called Chi, and provide solutions for maintaining good Chi.

Chi and Aromatherapy.

The word Aromatherapy is relatively new but the concept of harnessing the therapeutic value in fragrant plants goes back thousands of years. Essential oils certainly have amazing benefits when applied topically, but the greatest benefit to our mind and emotions occur through inhalation.

GingerChi not only uses the healing power of essential oils extensively for their anti-aging, detoxifying, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties but harnessing aromatherapy benefits is also vital in the cultivation of Chi.

Inhaling essential oil molecules triggers the release of hormones that influence the autonomic nervous system. This system regulates involuntary responses such as heart rate, perspiration, and digestion, all the responses that become over active when we experience stress. 

Keeping this system balanced is critical for achieving and maintaining good Chi. Chi is our vital life energy. When we are out of balance, we have to use more of that energy to function. If we are repeatedly under stress, it saps our vital life energy putting us at risk for illness, depression, and low quality of life. Using Aromatherapy for energy and balance helps vital Chi support our body, mind, and spirit. 

With this in mind, we are truly excited to introduce our newest product line, The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces.

Chi on the Go.

The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace is an elegant solution for allowing people to experience the benefits of Aromatherapy any time and any place. 

How it Works: 

Each pendant comes with a felt diffuser ball, necklace, and a GingerChi Essential Oil Blend. Simply open the pendant and place the diffuser ball inside. Place 3-5 drops of GingerChi Essential Oil Blend on the diffuser ball using the dropper included with your blend. Enjoy your first mobile Aromatherapy session by closing the pendant, putting on the necklace and inhaling deeply.

The GingerChi Essential Oil Blends: 

The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace utilizes proprietary essential oil blends, each for a different purpose. 

Clari-Chi: A blend for clarity and focus perfect for clearing the mind to prepare for working or important decision making. 

Ener-Chi: A blend for stimulating the mind and body, great for fighting the late afternoon slump or whenever you need a boost. 

Tranquil-Chi: A blend designed to balance and calm the mind, ideal for keeping calm in stressful moments. 

The Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace Collection.

The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace is available in three distinctive and beautiful designs. 

Grace. This tear-drop shaped pendant is 1.25” x 1” wide contains intricate lacework reminiscent of the art Nouveau era. The Grace Pendant is a statement accessory that looks great and helps you feel great. Choose the grace pendant if you like larger jewelry pieces and a longer necklace. 

Heart. This smaller tear-drop shape pendant measures .75 x .5”. The delicate and subtle Heart Pendant hangs on a short silver chain just below the collar bone. The Heart Pendant is ideal for those who prefer a classic look with elegant details. 

Sacred. The Sacred Pendant is a bold look appropriate for both men and women. The design utilized on the pendant represents wisdom and faith. The pendant measures .75” in diameter. The design combines eastern and European aesthetics. The Sacred Pendant is ideal for those who like to combine spirituality with fashion.

The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces are an effortless way to balance and replenish Chi and they make wonderful gifts. Here’s what one of our fans had to say:

December 15, 2015


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GingerChi Gift Giving Guide

GingerChi Holiday Gift Store

This year, treat you and your loved ones gifts of Chi for the body, soul, and all needs in between. Spend over $75 and receive our gift of 2oz tin of GingerChi’s Ginger Ginseng Tea.

Gifts Over $45

Cleanser and Toner Face set

Brighten up the routines of the people in your life with our radiant Cleanser & Toner Face Set Pack 60 ml/2oz ($60). This pack comes with our soft Muslin Face Cloth, made with 100% organic cotton for a deep clean every time. This is great for daily makeup removal or washing away the day’s grime while boosting circulation. Imagine giving the luxurious gift of an instant morning or evening pampering.

Detox Body Set

For someone who you truly care about, this gift says it all. Our Detox Body Set ($74), a Rejuvenating system that will revitalize Chi and well-being.

This set includes the perfect solution for natural detoxification and maintaining soft supple skin:

Whole Woman Nourish Set 30ml/1oz - $65

THANK THE WOMEN in your life for carrying creative, nurturing energy and treat them to our collection of massage oils designed to encourage health and well being. Also comes as 4ml samplers (Nourish Sampler 3 in 1, 4ml - $8) makes perfect stocking stuffer, providing an introduction on the importance of naturally caring for a women’s whole body.


Each set includes:

  • GingerChi Breast Massage Oil
  • GingerChi Stomach/ Tummy Tone Massage Oil
  • GingerChi Uterine Massage Oil

Gifts $20 - $40

Body Travel Set

WHEN THE HOLIDAYS come around, it’s almost a sure thing that somebody will be traveling to unite with family and friends. While there’s joy abound, changing time zones or flights, snacking at on-the-go convenience stores or sleeping in a different bed can wear down the body’s energy and glow. With our Body Travel Set ($28), your road warriors will be refreshed and invigorated no matter the distance this holiday and into the next year.  We provide the best combination of natural, high quality ingredients to deliver full rejuvenation to body, mind and soul.

Enclosed in a muslin bag, this set contains: Revitalizing Body Sugar Scrub 1 oz, Replenishing Juniper Body Oil 1 fl oz, Penetrating Hair Shine Serum .5 fl oz All items help clear, strengthen and soften skin, and lead to a nourished body more than skin deep.

Chi Roller Anti-Aging Jade Therapy with 10ml Argan Anti-wrinkle Roll On

Show how much you care with our unique Chi Roller Anti Aging Jade Therapy ($40) set. Introducing a practice used for centuries to refine and enhance skin elasticity, stimulating meridians points to promote facial Chi, the gift will surely be a stand out.

Included in the set is our Argan Anti-Wrinkle Roller. To be Used along with the jade chi roller to soften and moisturizes skin, helping to maintain the skin's natural elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aromatherapy Necklace Diffuser Pendant

This is just not any accessory. This unique and thoughtful gift goes beyond regular gift giving. Our Aromatherapy Necklace Diffuser Pendant ($28) disperses the perfect blend of Essential Oils known to soothe, energize and stimulate. The one-of-a-kind Aromatherapy dispenser silver pendant hangs beautifully on a 24” waxed leather cord and holds an essential oils diffuser felt ball inside. Warning: Everyone will want one.

Set includes:

  • Silver-plated Aromatherapy Locket with 24” waxed leather cord.
  • 3.5ml GingerChi Boost Clarity Blend of essential oils.
  • 2 absorbent felt essential oils diffuser balls.


All Purpose Healing Massage Oil

Our multi-tasking All Purpose Healing Massage Oil with the Benefits of Ginger 30ml/1oz ($18) can be used for therapeutic massage to alleviate a number of ills, aches and pains. It’s made of essential oils including Plai, a member of the Ginger family, an essential oil that has been in the “toolkit” of Asian therapeutic massage. Supply your loved ones with a great, natural alternative to have on hand this holiday season.

For Every Need In Between: Stocking Stuffers

Heal and Shine Roll On Lip Oil

WHETHER YOUR WINTER looks snowy or sunburned or somewhere in between, help your friends and family care for tender lips in any condition with GingerChi Heal & Shine Roll-On Lip Oil ($12), which consists of jojoba oil, rosemary oil, Vitamin E and fresh ginger root oil and other natural ingredients.

This lip oil sinks into the entire lip tissue to heal cracked, chapped lips from within and leaves lips soft, plump and infused with Chi.

GingerChi Boost Energy Stick

AS HOLIDAYS COME with a rush of shopping, cooking and last minute to-dos, there’s just as much excitement when we welcome a new year. We make resolutions, goals and ideas to make this next year THE year. Give the gift of long-lasting physical and mental energy with GingerChi Chi Boost Energy Stick 10ml ($16) to make sure those around you welcome each day with full fervor. The sharp, clean fragrance awakens while working with the body’s pulse points on your wrist or back of your neck.

GuaSha Jade Treatment for Natural Face Lift

What lovely ladies in you life wouldn’t enjoy GingerChi's latest beauty routine? the GingerChi GuaSha Treatment for Natural Face Lift Therapy is a modern anti-aging treatment based on the ancient healing art of GuaSha. At $18, this unique gift is a no-brainer.

GuaSha is a massage-like healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine that incorporates a stone or porcelain tool and a lubricant. The tool is used to apply pressure while gliding over the skin. The purpose is to stimulate meridians and circulation to heal pain and inflammation in the body and to revitalize chi.

GingerChi Hydrating Chi Mist – 1oz

At only $11, The GingerChi Hydrating Chi Mist makes a perfect stocking stuffer. This refreshing pick-me-up for revitalizing Chi is sure to please. Lovingly blended with 100% plant hydrosols of Rose Distillate and Roman Chamomile with a hint of fresh ginger. Suitable for all skin, mist over your face, body and hair to feel rehydrated, cool, calm and collected. Use as a room spray to break up stagnant chi and bring in loving energy!


Wishing good Chi and happy holidays!



December 14, 2015


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DIY Ginger Treats for the Holidays

The warming effect of Ginger goes hand in hand with the holidays. GingerChi would like to share these simple recipes for Do-It Yourself Gifts are not only unique but convey to all those that receive how special they are and how much you care.

Crystallized Ginger Candy
Crystallized Ginger Candy

Crystallized Ginger Candy is sugary, yet it holds some health benefits and it’s a treat that’s sure to stand out from the tins and trays of cookies, fudge and caramel popcorn. For the best ginger candy, try using young ginger root, which is more tender than mature root.

  • 1/2 pound fresh ginger 
  • 1/2 cup Organic cane sugar
  • ¼ cup reserved cooking liquid

Peel the ginger and cut it into thin slices. Place the slices in a medium-sized saucepan and cover with enough water to submerge the slices and bring to a boil.  Turn heat down to medium-low, cover and simmer until tender but still retains a rubbery consistency. Drain water.

Return the ginger to the saucepan, add the reserved cooking liquid, sugar and bring to a rapid simmer over a high flame. Turn the heat down and continue to simmer the ginger and sugar, stirring frequently.  When the liquid has evaporated and the sugar begins to crystallize, about 10-15 minutes, remove the ginger immediately to a cooling rack or parchment-lined cookie sheet. Spread in an even layer to cool.  When cool enough to touch, shake off the excess ginger sugar and store in jars. Candied ginger can be stored in an airtight container for up to three weeks.

Ginger is known to reduce nausea, pain and help with digestion, all which are great benefits around this time of year when it’s easy go overboard with the cookies, chocolate and peppermint candies.

Ginger Infused Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
Ginger Infused Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

Good enough to eat it, this simple recipe for DIY Ginger Infused Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub will surely make someone feel extra special this season. It’s wonderful warm and spicy scent is guaranteed to bring soothing nourishment to everybody’s skin and help revitalize Chi.

Makes approximately 8 oz. sugar body scrub:

  • 1/4 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon organic ginger, coarsely chopped
  • 1/4 cup cold-pressed oil (camelia, jojoba, sunflower, or sweet almond oil)
  • 3/4 cup organic turbinado or cane sugar
  • 1/4 cup kosher or Himlayan salt
  • 1-4 drops essential oil (lemongrass, lavender, or orange)

Heat the coconut oil and chopped ginger in a small saucepan over low heat for 5-10 minutes. When the ginger and juice has blended into the oil, releasing its spicy aroma, remove from heat. Press contents through a fine mesh sieve or coffee filter.

While the oil is still warm, stir in cold-pressed oil of your choice. Let the mixed oils sit at room temperature to cool slightly. Combine with the sugar and salt. Scent with 1 to 4 drops of essential oils of your choice. The scrumptious scrub is now ready to dispense into jars of your choice.

GingerChi Tip:
Decorate your jar by adding ribbon, jute string or a handwritten label. Adding an embellishment such as sprig of holly or Christmas spruce, will give it a fresh, finished look!

For more Ginger Gift Giving ideas that are just as unique and show how much you care, shop here for a range of GingerChi products that benefit body, soul and spirit.

GingerChi Holiday Store


November 03, 2015


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The Oldest New Beauty Treatment:


GingerChi GuaSha Therapy for Natural Face Lift.

We are very excited to introduce our latest beauty treatment system, The GingerChi GuaSha Therapy for Natural Face Lift! 

GuaSha therapy is a healing technique from traditional Chinese medicine dating back almost 3,000 years. GuaSha treatment practitioners used stones or porcelain tools to 'scrape' a patient's skin bringing blood to the surface and speeding the natural healing process.  GuaSha therapy can decrease pain and inflammation as well as boost immunity.  The scraping invigorates Chi and increases blood flow to the tissue in the GuaSha treatment area. 

Scraping!  We know, it sounds a little scary and not so good for your face. Not to worry, the GingerChi GuaSha treatment tool has been updated and modified for effective use on the face and neck.  It is designed to be gentle yet invigorating.    

How Do I Use the GingerChi GuaSha Tool?

Our GuaSha tool is so easy to use.  Each GingerChi GuaSha Face Lift Therapy Kit comes with a complimentary sample of GingerChi Regenerating Face Serum. There is also an illustrated card detailing which direction to glide the GuaSha tool over the face and neck in order to stimulate chi and achieve optimal results.   

  • Begin your routine with clean skin free of any dirt or oil.
  • Apply a generous amount of GingerChi Regenerating Face Serum to your face and neck.
  • Using the side of the GingerChi GuaSha Tool that best suits the contours of your face, press gently while gliding the tool over your face and neck.
  • Use upward motion strokes on the neck and jaw line to lift and firm loose skin.
  • Glide the GuaSha Tool from side to side over the forehead to smooth frown lines.
  • Stroke from the center of your upper lip outward to smooth wrinkles around the lip area.
  • Repeat each motion 10 times as detailed in the enclosed instruction leaflet.

For best results, use the GingerChi GuaSha Tool Natural Face Lift Therapy before bed, as your skin regenerates itself during sleep.  With nightly use you may see results within two weeks. 


What Are The Benefits of GingerChi GuaSha Face Lift Therapy?

The Ginger Chi Gua Sha Therapy promotes radiant youthful skin by addressing common mature skin problem areas.  GingerChi GuaSha Treatment:    

  • Smoothes and decreases the depth of frown lines on the forehead area.
  • Helps tighten and firm sagging skin on the neck and jaw line.
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Prevents accumulation of toxins in dermal layers by moving stagnant blood.
  • Promotes an overall healthy texture and glow by stimulating circulation and cell renewal.
  • Improves absorption of products and nutrients.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the GingerChi GuaSha Therapy is that it is all natural. It is gentle. Combined with the use of our GingerChi Regenerating Serum, packed with antioxidants and omega rich oils, this unique technique will help restore your skin's natural youthfulness. There are no harsh treatments, no fake looking results that come from working ‘on’ your skin and not ‘with’ your skin. Noticeable results can be achieved with regular use.

The GingerChi GuaSha tool comes with a handy muslin bag. Take it with you when traveling and continue the use of the GuaSha treatment, any time and any where. 



Welcome to Fall and Breast Cancer Awareness Month


According to, one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, and nearly 40,000 women lose their lives to the disease each year.

With these numbers, we should do whatever we can to prevent becoming a statistic. Making appropriate changes in diet and lifestyle, regular exercise and avoiding toxins from every source possible, can help decrease your risk.

It’s very important to first take careful stock of your household and personal care products. Read labels and make sure you use as much natural products as you can. Toxic overexposure plays a large role in cancer development. Recent studies, published in the National Institutes of Health journal, states that you can reduce your risk of breast cancer by avoiding certain chemicals found in common, everyday products. These include those found in processed food and personal care products.

Lifestyle and dietary choices can significantly reduce your odds. If possible, avoid sugar and processed foods. Consider adding more greens and incorporating more super food like turmeric into your daily meals. Try to eat as much organic as possible, high quality meat meats, avocado and coconut oil.

Get efficient amount of Vitamin D - spend some time in the sun. Avoid soy products, which are not fermented and Get enough sleep.

In TCM there is an understanding that when there are blockages in the body and the flow of Chi is inhibited, toxins build up, causing blockage that can result in diseases such as cancer.

 One of the ways ensure a healthy flow of Chi and to maintain breast heath is regular self massage.

The diagram and instruction can be found on our leaflet that comes with our GingerChi Breast Oil.The diagram and instruction can be found on our leaflet that comes with our GingerChi Breast Oil.

To get the full benefits of the self massage, we recommend applying our GingerChi Breast Oil. This highly therapeutic blend, with pumpkin seed, baobab, fresh ginger, cypress, grapefruit and other powerful essential oils naturally lift and firm the breast and décolletage as well as assist with hormonal balance and detoxification of tissue.

When these fluids remain stagnant, toxins can build up in the breast tissue, creating the perfect environment for benign lumps, fibroids, and in extreme cases the beginnings of cancer. Not only does our Breast Oil help keep the area clear, but we believe the act of regular breast massage helps women become familiar with their breasts, improving their ability to feel abnormalities if they do occur.

This unique Breast Massage Oil is part of the GingerChi's Whole Woman Nourish Range which includes a Stomach Tummy Tone Massage Oil and Uterine Massage Oil. GingerChi is very proud to present you this set of oils as part of your beauty regimen because it's our belief that real beauty comes from within. Our philosophy is when one Chi is vital, one is truly beautiful 

 In honor of breast awareness month, we will donate 15% of

purchase of GingerChi’s Whole Woman’s Nourish Set to Breast Cancer Fund




Wishing you good Chi.




The extremes of summer wreak havoc on not only your skin but your hair takes a beating as well. Hair exposed to heat and sun tends to get drier, thinner and more brittle. Sweat and dust contributed by summers increase hair problems like dandruff, split ends, frizziness and increased hair fall.

While the conditions of summer can cause bad hair days and long-term damage, a little pre-emptive care is all your hair needs to stay beautiful! 


10 Ways to Beautiful Summer Hair

1. Don't over-shampoo as it can dry out your hair.

2. Use mild shampoo and only on the scalp.

3. Don’t shampoo before going swimming, natural oils help to protect against damage.

4. Do not let salt or chlorinated water remain on your hair for too long. Wash out as soon as you can.

5. Avoid adding more heat i.e. blow drying, curling or straightening iron- your hair already takes a beating from the sun.

6. Trim split ends before there’s too much damage.

7. Drink more water, your skin and hair will benefit. Include as much fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet as possible.

8. Limit hair washing even if you feel your hair needs it. Rinse and use conditioner instead or try a dry shampoo. 

9. Avoid any styling product that has formaldehyde or alcohol and products that contain the tags "Volumizing" or "Bouncy".

10. Deep conditioning and overnight treatments, like the GingerChi Penetrating Shine Serum are a must to keep your hair hydrated and nourished. 

GingerChi Penetrating Shine Serum contains a blend oils rich in vitamins and moisturizing properties. Fresh Ginger, known to promote hair growth with Rosemary, Lavender, and Atlas Cedar increase blood flow to the scalp and strengthen hair while Camellia (the oil used by Japanese Giesha’s), Meadowfoam, Baobab, Coconut, Jojoba, and Crambe seed oils provide nutrients, moisture and shine. Massage into scalp to stimulate and revitalize chi to counteract dryness and dandruff caused by sun and heat.

Use weekly as an overnight deep oil treatment to give your scalp and hair a blast of penetrating nutrients. Slightly warm the oil, massage into scalp and ends. Put on a shower cap and wrap a towel around your head. In the morning, after washing your hair you will notice how soft, shiny and manageable it is!


GingerChi Summer Exclusive 

20% off Shine and Repair Treatment.