Welcome to Fall and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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According to breastcancer.org, one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, and nearly 40,000 women lose their lives to the disease each year.

With these numbers, we should do whatever we can to prevent becoming a statistic. Making appropriate changes in diet and lifestyle, regular exercise and avoiding toxins from every source possible, can help decrease your risk.

It’s very important to first take careful stock of your household and personal care products. Read labels and make sure you use as much natural products as you can. Toxic overexposure plays a large role in cancer development. Recent studies, published in the National Institutes of Health journal, states that you can reduce your risk of breast cancer by avoiding certain chemicals found in common, everyday products. These include those found in processed food and personal care products.

Lifestyle and dietary choices can significantly reduce your odds. If possible, avoid sugar and processed foods. Consider adding more greens and incorporating more super food like turmeric into your daily meals. Try to eat as much organic as possible, high quality meat meats, avocado and coconut oil.

Get efficient amount of Vitamin D - spend some time in the sun. Avoid soy products, which are not fermented and Get enough sleep.

In TCM there is an understanding that when there are blockages in the body and the flow of Chi is inhibited, toxins build up, causing blockage that can result in diseases such as cancer.

 One of the ways ensure a healthy flow of Chi and to maintain breast heath is regular self massage.

The diagram and instruction can be found on our leaflet that comes with our GingerChi Breast Oil.The diagram and instruction can be found on our leaflet that comes with our GingerChi Breast Oil.

To get the full benefits of the self massage, we recommend applying our GingerChi Breast Oil. This highly therapeutic blend, with pumpkin seed, baobab, fresh ginger, cypress, grapefruit and other powerful essential oils naturally lift and firm the breast and décolletage as well as assist with hormonal balance and detoxification of tissue.

When these fluids remain stagnant, toxins can build up in the breast tissue, creating the perfect environment for benign lumps, fibroids, and in extreme cases the beginnings of cancer. Not only does our Breast Oil help keep the area clear, but we believe the act of regular breast massage helps women become familiar with their breasts, improving their ability to feel abnormalities if they do occur.

This unique Breast Massage Oil is part of the GingerChi's Whole Woman Nourish Range which includes a Stomach Tummy Tone Massage Oil and Uterine Massage Oil. GingerChi is very proud to present you this set of oils as part of your beauty regimen because it's our belief that real beauty comes from within. Our philosophy is when one Chi is vital, one is truly beautiful 

 In honor of breast awareness month, we will donate 15% of

purchase of GingerChi’s Whole Woman’s Nourish Set to Breast Cancer Fund





Wishing you good Chi.