Summer Solutions for a more beautiful you.

As we move into the hottest days of summer when yang energy is at its peak, take time to pay special attention to your body, skin and hair. While extreme elements such as the sun, sea and those pesky bugs play havoc as summer gets under way, here are few tips on how a little extra effort and mindfulness can help you optimize your Chi for a more beautiful you.  

At GingerChi, we are about the flow of Chi, harmony and balance. When there is excess of yin or yang, obstruction and stagnation occurs. You may feel disorientated. You may experience more break-outs than usual. Your skin, hair and nails look and feel dehydrated. In order to create a healthy flow of Chi for this yang season, we need to detox and rejuvenate to find balance in our systems.

  • Oil Pulling. It not only helps with oral health, reduces stains but helps ‘Pull’ toxins from the body. Notice the difference in your mouth and even in your skin after a week of this revitalizing morning routine.
  • If you do not already have an exercise program, the easy and quick meditative 5 Tibetan Rites can do wonders when incorporated to your daily routine.
  • Go for a walk. It not only great way to increase your Vitamin D intake but helps with the lungs, mind, but enhances your mood and adrenals.
  • Have a break from Gluten. It helps clear brain fog, improve digestion and stomach acid production, adrenal hormone metabolism and liver detoxification. Try self-massage techniques and reflexology to get your Chi moving.
  • Dry Brushing. It helps invigorate the body (better than caffeine) and detoxifies. You’ll not only feel energized but dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes cell regeneration to improve skin tone.
  • Hydrate. Keep coffee drinking to a minimum. Consume plenty of water and cooling teas.
  • Take time to meditate. Even a few breaths of long and short breaths, breathing out stress and breathing in calm, will help clear brain fog and bring about a more powerful and focused awareness the whole day long.


Start your day and end with your day with our Bath and Shower Infusion Oil of Fresh Ginger Root, Pepper Mint, Lavender and Rosemary Oil to help open your lungs, clear your mind and bring balance.

Did you over-do it at a summer party? Try All-Purpose Healing Oil and Penetrating Relief Roll On with a cooled Gua Sha massage tool.  This potent blend of oils can help with hangover headaches, nausea, digestive and respiratory issues, and even pesky insect bites!

The summer can take a toll on our nails with endless manicures and pedicures. Give your dry nails and flaky cuticles a short break. Treat them to our nourishing Nail Repair Serum.

Tame your summer Frizz with our Penetrating Shine Serum. Endless summer days will zap moisture from scalp leaving it dry and oily. Massage in a generous amount for an overnight scalp treatment or use a few drops on ends to control any fly-away's. Your hair and scalp will thank you!

If the heat of summer leaves you feeling sluggish, try our Chi Boost Energy Stick Roll On Energy Booster. The EO blends will awaken your senses and revitalize your chi!

Stay hydrated with our delicious Organic Ginger Ginseng Tea (delicious hot or cold) and for wonderful summer detox our delicious Organic Chi Cleanse Tea will do the trick.

Our Nourish Women’s Oils for the Breast, Uterine and Tummy are specially blended for women to maintain a healthy flow of chi and vitality. These unique massage oils will stimulate your lymph system, improve digestion, remove toxins and zap PMS. Use with our Gua Sha massage tool to help absorb the benefits of the oils as well as lift, stimulate and detox to revitalize your chi.

Wishing you well and with Chi-filled Summer days!