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As we move into the winter months, our mind, body and spirit begin adjusting to the change of seasons, and the change of clocks. With the arrival of fall, our energy, just like the earth’s, starts to deplete as summer fades and winter approaches.

To combat fatigue, chase away the blues and increase our energy levels this fall, here are a few quick and easy routines you might want to try out. 

BREATHE Taking deep a breath that fill your lungs and belly, with a long slow exhale can help pep you up and feel ready for the next thing on your to-do it. Most of us don’t breathe properly but a few good breaths can work miracles for your energy levels.

EAT SOMETHING CRUNCHY Yes, hard to believe but eating crunchy foods makes your jaw work harder, which makes your facial muscles wake up and you’ll feel more alert. We prefer healthy carrots, celery or a nice crisp apple for our crunch.

TAKE A BRISK 10 MINUTE WALK Walking helps your body feel energized especially after long periods of sitting. For an extra boost take your walk in nature and breathe in the goodness of life.

DANCE Nothing like shaking your booty to your favorite song to wake up your entire body, and it only takes a few minutes to feel alive and full of joy.

EAT FREQUENTLY Taking long breaks between meals can leave you feeling lethargic and in need of a nap. Keep health snacks close by, and try and eat every four hours to keep your energy at optimum levels throughout the day and night.

GREEN DRINKS With so many delicious green drinks (packed with vitamins, minerals and other good stuff) to choose from you’ll be hard pushed to find one that doesn’t give you a much needed energy boost.

STIMULATING AROMATHERAPY BATHS OR SHOWERS Using aromatherapy in your bath or shower in the morning helps stimulate the blood and gives you a good start for the day. Essential oils such as any of the Citrus Oils: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Petitgrain, Neroli, or Bergamot are great stimulants for helping boost your energy. So are Peppermint and Spearmint. Nothing like pampering yourself when you're combatting fatigue!



GingerChi Bath & Shower Infusion

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GingerChi Chi Boost Energy Stick Roll-On

Ginger Oil. Warm and spicy, Ginger supports the flow of Chi throughout the body by stimulating both the immune and circulatory systems. It helps boost and sustain energy levels, awaken the mind, and soothe the digestive system.

Rosemary Verbenone. Rosemary essential oil is stimulating to the circulatory and nervous systems, plus it’s smooth herbaceous floral scent offers an immediate pick-me-up you when you are suffering from mental and physical fatigue. 

Peppermint gives a refreshing kick to your senses, clears the mind and energizes the body.

We recommend having a Chi Boost Energy Stick handy throughout the Fall and Winter to make sure you always have energy on the go!

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