Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

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100% Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable fabric. Helps skin keeps retain its natural moisture, preventing fine lines and wrinkles.


Effectively blocks out light that can disturb quality sleep, essential for flawless skin and beauty.


Chinese believe that when the body is at rest between certain hours of the night, it is repairing and replenishing Chi in certain organs like the gall bladder, the endocrine system, liver and lungs, which are also related to the condition of skin.


Dermatologist also agree 8 hours of quality sleep is essential for repairing the skin and overall health. After a good’s night sleep, you not only look well rested but also naturally more attractive.


Features of the Chi Silk Eye mask


  • Soft, Light weight and extremely comfortable design that covers eye area adequately.


  • Made with pure silk on both sides. Black silk on the one side effective blocks out light that can interfere with deep quality sleep


  • Easy to adjust strap to any size


  • Available in three sophisticated colors: Deep Blue, Silver grey and Champagne


  • Comes in organza travel bag


An Essential travel item, a customer noted, wearing the Chi Silk Mask on an overnight economy flight, made her feel like she was in first class.

Type: skincare

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