Anti-Aging Rose Quartz Roller

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  • Now available in silver and gold variants

    Like Jade, Rose Quartz is a wonderful healing stone. Said to be the crystal of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, the rose quartz roller is the perfect tool to incorporate into your self-care and beauty regime. Rose Quartz is known to help balance and strengthen the heart and circulatory system.

    Apply GingerChi Regenerating Face Serum and roll over meridians as instructed to balance face chi, stimulate blood circulation, bring more oxygen to the skin and clear away toxins and impurities. This results in a more glowing complexion with the deeper penetration of antioxidant and omega rich oils from the Regenerating Face Serum.

    < Benefits >

    - Improves elasticity

    - Tightens and reduce pores

    - Evens skin tones

    - Reduces puffiness and dark circles under eye.

    - Reduces stress and fatigue which causes fine lines and wrinkles

    - Leaves skin glowing and renewed

    The natural formation of rose quartz makes each roller unique with different color variations. No two rollers are alike so the roller you receive will not look like the rollers depicted in listing.

    Rose Quartz is a more brittle stone to jade so take care when handling or in use.

  • - Apply Face Oil or Serum over face and neck area and roll according to instructions.

    - Can be used daily.

    - For all skin types.

    - The roller can be put into the refrigerator for extra cooling effects that help refine pores, soothes away sinus congestion and help with lymphatic drainage.

    Care of Roller

    Use non alcoholic wipes or warm water with a mild liquid soap and rinse well. Dry thoroughly before storing away to prevent metal from deteriorating.

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