The GingerChi ‘SACRED’ Chi Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant

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  • This unique design inspires faith, strength, and wisdom. Round locket (.75” x. .75”) opens up easily to house the absorbent diffuser ball, ready to be infused with one of GingerChi’s Aromatherapy Essential blends. Choose from Clari-Chi. Ener-chi or our popular Clari-Chi. Use according to your needs.

    The simple bold design of the ‘Sacred” Pendant is universal and is suitable for both men and women. Even children have been known to wear the necklace and have benefited enormously from the immediate and long lasting aromatherapy effects of the Diffuser Pendant. Whether it is to soothe, to calm or the need for a boost in concentration or energy, the GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant is the perfect way to ensure you have Chi wherever and whenever you need it.

    The GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser pendant comes with a GingerChi proprietary Essential Oil Blend to enhance your Chi level throughout the day. Choose GingerChi Clari-Chi, Ener-Chi or Tranquil-Chi.

    CLARI-CHI. Our original blend of Ginger, Rosemary and Peppermint gives clarity and concentration for whenever you need to have focus. It’s the perfect accessory to wear for an important meeting or weekend workshop when you need to have a clear mind.

    TRANQUIL-CHI. Roman Chamomile combines with Lavender and Bergamot to help to soothe and calm the senses. Feel stress melt away, bringing about balance and a sense of peace and tranquility.

    ENER-CHI. The energizing Scent of Ginger, Peppermint, Myrrh and Tea Tree invigorates and awaken your senses. With the addition of antibacterial properties, the blend clears away fogginess and lethargy and stimulates the nasal passages to give a boost in energy that will sure to inspire.

    Benefits of Ginger Aromatherapy Pendant:

    The GingerChi Aromatherapy pendant is beneficial for more than just balancing your Chi. The main benefits that you will gain are: revitalization, mood enhancement and energy. This diffuser pendant along with the included fresh ginger essential oil blend is the perfect aromatherapy gifts for anyone who enjoys feeling energized. The aromatherapy pendant will be enjoyed by all – not only those who appreciate the aesthetics of the intricate design but especially those familiar with the power of aromatherapy.

    This unique aromatherapy pendant is truly the best aromatherapy diffuser to deliver all the benefits essential oils can provide, throughout the day. When not in use, store your pendant in a drawer - your clothes will smell like they are filled with Chi.

    To Use:

    Dispense up to 5 drops of Essential Oil Blend onto diffuser Felt ball. Insert ball into locket close clasp and you are good to go. The aromatherapy effect of the necklace should last 3 – 4 days. Add a few more drops to the essential oils diffuser ball when the scent starts to dissipate.

    Set includes:

    • Silver-plated Aromatherapy Locket with 36” waxed silver-plated chain (24" waxed leather chain also available)
    • 3.5ml GingerChi Boost Clari-Chi Blend of essential oils.
    • 1 absorbent felt essential oils diffuser balls. (if you require more diffuser balls, you may add on extra 3 balls for $5

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