Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth Set of 2

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  • Our GingerChi Organic Muslin Face Cloth is soft and made with 100% organic cotton to give a deep natural clean. This Muslin Face Cloth can be used for daily cleansing or to remove make-up. Suitable for all skin types, it gently exfoliates, sloughs away dead skin cells and boosts circulation. Pair with GingerChi Purifying Facial Oil Cleanser to revitalize face Chi and give yourself that 'spa-at-home' experience.

    Each package contains two cloths (approx. 12" x 18") Non Organic now available (12 x 12)

  • Care Instructions: After use, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. Treat as white cotton in washing machine and line dry. 


    • Dispense a few drops of Cleanser into palm. Using fingertips, massage around face and neck using gentle upward, circular strokes. Concentrate on areas around the T-zone where dirt and oil tends to accumulate. Rub gently around eyes to remove any make-up.
    • Wet the Muslin cloth with hot to warm water and wring out the excess.
    • Spread the heated cloth over the face, allowing the pores to open and the tension of the day to melt away.
    • With cloth slightly cooled, rub gently over face, neck and eyes to remove all dirt, oil and make-up. Rinse the cloth well and and repeat if necessary.
    • Touch your skin. Notice how clean and dewy soft it feels.

    For additional benefits, treat skin to a spritz of 'GingerChi Hydrating Chi Mist' followed by a few drops of our beautiful silky 'GingerChi Regenerating Face Serum'.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • These cloths are clean and soft and wonderful to wash my face with. They arrived quickly tied up in a beautiful ribbon.
    jen whiz

    Just what I wanted. A sample mist of the ginger chi was included. Fast ship.
    Dave Anderson

    Many thanks for beautiful face cloths, I plan to get more later.

    Love the face cloths; much thinner and easier to use than ones I've tried from other manufacturers. They dry quicker too! Sample was appreciated :^)

    nice and very useful
    khala lily

    Very Nice!

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