Deep Cleansing Bundle

$ 55.00

Your skin deserves a deep cleanse to remove impurities, treat uneven skin tone, and wash away the pollution of everyday life. In combination, these two products will provide a deep, refreshing cleanse without stripping your skin of essential natural oils.

Rice Bran Cleanser/Masque 2 oz / 60ml: $20.00

Purifying Oil Face Cleanser 2 oz / 60ml: $28.00

Muslin Face Cloth (1 Piece): $7.00

GingerChi’s Purifying Oil Face Cleanser works in harmony with the naturally occurring oil molecules in your pores to deeply cleanse and purify skin without stripping away natural sebum. This natural cleansing process works with your skin's own sebum to get rid of excess oil, dissolving grease, dirt, and debris in the pores without causing dryness or damage.

The versatile all-natural beauty must-have, GingerChi Gentle Exfoliating Rice Bran Cleanser/ Masque combines finely ground Rice Bran powder and gentle exfoliating rice husks with antioxidant properties of ginger, to give you the extra deep-cleansing boost your skin needs. Use daily with the Purifying Oil Cleanser, or mix into a paste for a deep-penetrating mask.

Our GingerChi Organic Muslin Face Cloths are made with 100% organic cotton, these cloths gently exfoliate skin- removing layers of dirt, bacteria, excess oils, impurities and makeup, leaving skin clean, fresh, soft, and supple! As skin is clear of dead skin cells, it is able to absorb products more purely. These cloths are both eco-friendly and reusable too!


CLEANSE & EXFOLIATE: Mix into a thin paste with a few drops of GingerChi Purifying Cleanser and a little water. Massage around the face with small circular motions, concentrating on the 'T' zone nose and chin area. Rinse well with warm water using the Muslin Face cloth.

Q1: What is oil cleansing?
A: Cleansing your face with non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) oils is excellent for most skin types as it does not strip your skin of natural oils, or force it to overproduce oils to overcompensate for harsh cleansers.

Q2: How does oil cleansing work?
A: It works by dissolving the dirt and impurities on your skin without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture. It is often incorporated into a double-cleansing routine to remove makeup, or simply as the sole cleansing method. Either way, all you need is oil and a clean, soft washcloth.

Q3: How do I use cleansing oil?
To oil cleanse your face, take a few drops of your oil or oil blend of choice, warm it in your hands by rubbing them together, and then apply liberally over your face and neck. Don’t be afraid of gently working it into your lashes and eyelids, oils are magic at dissolving eye makeup and mascara without a trace. I also enjoy taking the time to massage the stress out of my face muscles and take a moment to myself to concentrate on breathing and relaxing. Work the oil over every part of your face, let it sit for a minute, and gently rinse off with warm water and a washcloth. Your face should feel clear and smooth, but not tight like with traditional face washes.

Q4: Can cleansing oil cause breakouts?
A: Anything can cause breakouts if you change routines or your skin is not familiar with a new product. Overall, if you remove your oil cleanser thoroughly with warm water and a clean washcloth, you should not experience more breakouts from an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers can be great for people prone to breakouts or with oily skin as they do not strip the dermis of natural oils meaning your skin does not overproduce oil to compensate.

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Marilyn M
Love it

I love the oil cleanser, great at removing makeup and the rice cleanser is very gentle

Thank you for your review. We are happy you like the Cleansing set!

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