Complete Jade Anti-Aging Therapy System

$ 75.00

Our complete Jade Anti-Aging Therapy System set is our most highly recommended skin care procedure.

It includes all the tools you need for a beneficial face massage to help lift, smooth, reduce fine lines and aid lymphatic drainage.

The comprehensive set includes:

  • GingerChi Anti-aging Jade Roller  

  • GingerChi Jade Gua Sha  

  • GingerChi Purifying Oil Cleanser 10ml

  • One Organic Muslin Face Cloth 

  • Hydrating Chi Mist 10ml

  • Regenerating Face Serum 10ml

The comprehensive set includes:

GingerChi Anti-aging Jade Roller

GingerChi Jade Gua Sha

GingerChi Purifying Oil Cleanser 10ml

One Organic Muslin Face Cloth

Hydrating Chi Mist 10ml

Regenerating Face Serum 10ml

100% Natural. Vegan. Cruelty Free. GingerChi products are purely natural, vegan, cruelty free, and organic when possible. They contain no parabens, no petroleum mineral oil, no artificial colors. Tested on human friends only.

Cleanse face thoroughly with the Purifying Oil Cleanser. Wet the Muslin Cloth in warm water and gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. When skin is clean, spritz with Hydrating Chi Mist and apply Regenerating Face Serum. Make sure the face is well lubricated before using the tools. This allows the tool to glide smoothly over the skin as well as help nutrients to penetrate deeper.

Follow Instructions included on how to use the roller and/or gua sha tool to receive the optimum benefits.

Customer Reviews

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Jose Barrera-Aguirre
The Anti-Aging Therapy System - Radiant Skin for the Win.

I think it's interesting how products come into your life when you need them the most. I’ve been using the anti-aging therapy system for about three months and have noticed drastic changes in my skin and my overall confidence. For a little background, I was going to school in Boston but recently moved back to Los Angeles. I have combination oily skin and have an existing routine that consists of Dr.Jart+ skincare products. This review will serve as an observation and will try to address: mask use, changes in weather, my routine, and the therapeutic benefits of this product.

Because of the weather in Boston, I noticed that my skin began to dry and have a dull/textured look to it. The excessive use of masks began to leave creases around my nose/mouth area that went down to my chin, and I had dark spots around my cheeks.

When I started using the products, I created a routine that consisted of using the jade roller in the morning and the gua sha at night. Depending on the night before, I would make minimal changes to the routine... I would start by placing a hot towel over my face- allowing the pores to open and the purifying oil to seep into my skin. After rinsing, I would use the hydrating mist followed by the regenerating serum and then a moisturizer.

The jade roller helped with congestion around my nose, and facial bloating from sleeping less than eight hours a night. After I felt more comfortable, I began to use the jade roller down my neck and behind my ears, this minimized the tension I felt in my face and around my jaw. The gua sha, I use more often at night because it allows the little red spots to diminish by morning. I highly recommend watching Dr. Laurel Liu's videos, surprisingly enough I found her on TikTok- but she's also on youtube. She taught me about different pressure points around the body and how to apply tension for the best results. The gua sha is literally a blessing in disguise, it defined my face, lifted my cheeks, and got rid of those stubborn mask creases.

The purifying cleanser is multifunctional... lol I sometimes use it to get rid of my cuticles. I like how clean it feels, and how a little can go a long way. The regenerating serum is EVERYTHING, this really changed my skin in regards to how it looked and felt. In 30 degree weather, this kept my skin hydrated and didn't produce any oils after applying a moisturizer. The hydrating spray is great in the morning or even after applying moisturizer, it gives that nice dewy look. The one thing I would change is the spritzer. I would prefer if it were more of a mist than a spray because it goes through really quickly. After moving back to Los Angeles, I was experiencing upwards of 70 degrees weather for the first time in months. Surprisingly enough, the serum and moisturizer together did not produce any extra oils, I just had to add a cleanser to my routine.

I went to my esthetician last week for a facial and after doing a diamond peel, basically just removing the dead layer of skin, she was telling me that pores had minimized. That my skin was extremely healthy and probably the best it had been in a long time. Overall, the anti-aging therapy system has improved my skin, therefore, improving my confidence. My skin feels extremely healthy and looks AMAZING.

I ordered my sister a kit because she’s a therapist and is constantly put in stressful situations. She gets these huge knots in her neck- is prone to facial bloating, and deals with a lot of facial tension. She isn't big on skincare but I told her about the changes I observed, so she gave it a shot and instantly fell in love. Her skin looks radiant and the dark spots from when she had acne have completely diminished. She loves that even if it’s just for five minutes, her little routine makes her feel a lot better.

This kit has changed my life, I know that sounds dramatic, but trust me… It will change yours too. Much love for the people behind GingerChi. I will gladly review any products you offer <3

With love,
José Barrera-Aguirre

Thank you so much Jose, for your kind and extensive review. It's an honor to receive such great response from our customers. We are thrilled you have incorporated the GingerChi Anti-Aging Set into your beauty care routine. Keep us posted!

Bonnie Schwartz-Shapiro
Best Skin Care products hands down!

Just Love Love the way my skin looks and feels. Not better serum on the planet at any price point! Thumbs up!! :)

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, Bonnie! It means a lot to us xxx

Deidra A.

I'm loving both tools!!!! And products!!! The facial serum is FABULOUS
Will be ordering in the future.
Thanks, GingerChi for your prompt service

Love the Jade Roller!!! Forgive the long review but so much to say!!

During my search for a jade roller I found GINGERCHI and I am so thankful. Over the past couple of years I had notice my face was showing the signs of disturbed nights of sleep, poor stress management and the passing of years.
Last month, now pushing 50, I came to the sad realization I no longer possessed my 32 year old wrinkle free face. In fact, after a particularly bad night of poor sleep; the woman looking back at me in the mirror looked TIRED and close to my mother's age, and not in a good way.

My purchased arrived quickly and beautifully packaged with care. The oil cleanser and serum are superb and I highly recommend the Anti-Aging Therapy System. I must admit I became a little carried away the first night I used the roller; my face was flushed with a "wonderful day in the sun glow".
The next day I noticed lines of discoloration where laugh lines around my mouth once had been, the roller had opened the creases!
And in the days that followed my face had more definition and my eyes looked more open.
The arrival of my Jade Roller from GINGERCHI coincided with my purchase of a new magnifying mirror. I could now see clearly the congestion under my eyes, as the fine lines were less prominent. Today on this beautiful morning I found the dark under eye area has cleared tremendously after just 2 weeks. Previously, I purchased a facial massager from a spa in London, but it was clumsy, made of plastic and lacked the grace of the Jade Roller, which is so relaxing to use.

After additional research, I now intend to introduce acupressure to my routine of jade rolling and will order a mimi roller today.
GINGERCHI THE WAY OF BEAUTY. Thank you for sharing this beauty wisdom.
I have recommended you to all my friends and will be forever devoted!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review the set. We really appreciate it!

Love these products

I've been using these products for two weeks now and I have noticed a difference already, can't wait to see what the results will be in another two weeks! Love the jade roller and how it makes my face feel cool and relaxing as I roll it on my face!

Thank you Marleen, we are delighted you are enjoying our products. Thank you for your review! Team Gingerchi

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