GingerChi’s Complete Anti-Aging Therapy System

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GingerChi's Complete Anti-Aging Therapy System is packaged in a reusable storage tin and includes:

Chi Roller Anti Aging Jade Therapy

Jade GuaSha Treatment for Natural Face Lift

One Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth

.5 oz Regenerating Face Serum

.5 oz Purifying Face Oil Cleanser

.5 oz Hydrating Chi Mist

  1. First cleanse face with GingerChi Purifying Oil Cleanser. This oil cleansing process gets rid of excess oil as well as dirt and debris in the pores without causing dryness or damage
  1. The GingerChi Organic Muslin Face Cloth made with 100% organic cotton helps facilitate the deep natural clean gently and effectively. Use according to instructions.
  1. After face is cleansed, spritz 100% pure Plant hydrosols of Rose Damascena and Roman Chamomile with a hint of ginger to freshen the skin.
  1. Apply a few drops of GingerChi Face Regenerating Serum.
  1. Use the GingerChi Jade Chi Roller to massage in the Regenerating Face Serum according to instructions. The semiprecious stone has properties that allow it to remain cold on contact (even in warm weather). This cooling effect helps to close the pores, tighten the skin and increase lymphatic drainage.
  1. Alternatively use the GuaSha massage tool. This can be used to apply pressure while gliding over the skin. The purpose is to stimulate meridians and circulation, to smooth fine lines, tone and lift skin and revitalize Chi. 


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