Complete Anti-Aging Therapy System

$ 97.00 USD

  • Our complete set for the Anti-Aging Therapy system is our most highly recommended skin care procedure. Get the most bang for your buck while enjoying the complete package for Anti-Aging, to promote the most healthy skin routine and good Chi. 

    Anti-Aging Jade Roller: $28.00

    Jade GuaSha: $21.00

    Purifying Oil Face Cleanser 0.5 oz / 15ml: $12.00

    Hydrating Chi Mist 0.5 oz /15ml: $6.00

    Regenerating Face Serum 0.5 oz / 15ml: $23.00

    Muslin Face Cloth (1 Piece): $7.00

    Get this package for the best results. We guarantee soft, smooth, healthy and balanced skin. 

  • GingerChi's Complete Anti-Aging Therapy System is packaged in a reusable storage tin and includes:

  • 100% Natural. Vegan. Cruelty Free. GingerChi products are purely natural, vegan, cruelty free, and organic when possible. They contain no parabens, no petroleum mineral oil, no artificial colors. Tested on human friends only.

  • How do you use a Gua Sha tool?
    Begin your routine with clean skin free of any dirt or oil. Apply a generous amount of GingerChi Regenerating Face Serum (or any of your preferred oils, please make sure it’s non-comedogenic to avoid breakouts!) to your face and neck. This is to ensure the Gua Sha tool glides smoothly and does not catch and pull on your skin. Start with the neck and move upwards, focusing on areas of tension along the clavicle, neck, jawline (especially for those who grind their teeth), cheeks, and forehead. (insert GC picture/diagram) Using the side of the GingerChi GuaSha Tool that best suits the contours of your face, press gently while gliding the tool over your face and neck. Use upward motion strokes on the neck and jawline to lift and firm loose skin. Glide the GuaSha Tool from side to side over the forehead to smooth frown lines. Stroke from the center of your upper lip outward to smooth wrinkles around the lip area. Repeat each motion 10 times. For best results, use your Gua Sha tool before bed as your skin regenerates itself during sleep.
    Which part of the Gua Sha tool should I use?
    It’s a personal preference! As you become more familiar with your chosen Gua Sha tool, you will find what flows and feels best for you. It may also change due to stress and other tensions.

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Best Skin Care products hands down!
Thank you so much for this wonderful review, Bonnie! It means a lot to us xxx
Love the Jade Roller!!! Forgive the long review but so much to say!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to review the set. We really appreciate it!
Love these products
Thank you Marleen, we are delighted you are enjoying our products. Thank you for your review! Team Gingerchi

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