Hand Nail & Cuticle Repair Kit

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Includes a pair of cotton gloves and BONUS 1oz Coconut Ginger Sugar Scrub!

Hands feeling like sandpaper? Nails and cuticles looking worse for wear? With all the hand-washing, sanitizing, cleaning....you need this Nail & Cuticle Repair Kit! 


1. Scoop a dollop of GingerChi Coconut Organic Sugar Scrub and rub all over hands to take off dead skin cells.The GingerChi Coconut Organic Sugar Scrub contains natural organic cane sugar which offers a double exfoliation—glycolic acid helps to break up layers of dead skin while the sugar granules exfoliate. Meanwhile, the coconut oil infuses into the deep layers of your skin leaving your hands soft and intensely moisturized.

2. Dispense a few drop or two of Nail and Cuticle Repair Oil on each nail and massage in well. This natural complex formula is designed to penetrate and nourish dry, brittle nails. With hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, and myrrh - potent regenerative oils that will restore your nails and soothe your cuticles.

3. We've provided cotton gloves to enable the skin to better lock in the benefits of  the repair blend. Leave on for an hour or for best results, keep on overnight. 

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