Nourish Travel/Trial includes All Purpose Massage Oil 15ml/.5oz

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  • Our popular Women’s Nourish Oils now available in travel/ trial size. The set includes 15ml Breast, Tummy and Uterine Massage Oils also includes the addition of a 15ml Massage Oil. It’s the perfect gift that says how much you care about the person you are giving it to.  

    • Breast Massage Oil - Helps activate the meridians to stimulate chi in the breast area. Massage over breast and decolletage area and follow enclosed massage diagram to help move stagnant chi. Volume: 15ml /.5oz. Avoid using this product when lactating.

      Tummy Massage Oil - Regular massage with our Tummy Massage Oil improves and stimulates chi in the tummy area. Volume: 15ml /.5oz.

      Uterine Massage Oil - is a highly therapeutic oil that supports and fortifies the pelvic region to revitalize Chi. Volume: 15ml /.5oz.

    • All Purpose Massage Oil with Benefits of Ginger is now more potent with the addition of Plai. Belonging to the Ginger family, this wonderful essential oil is used extensively in Asia for Therapeutic massage.

  • Excellent customer service, super fast shipping, products incredible.
    Gayle Rees-Miller

    I had the feeling it did help...i.e. it did calm me down.....the cramps came on a bit later, I still had them for 1 week, but when I used the massage oil it made me feel more comfortable. Many thanks.

    One of my favorite products from GingerChi works very well I highly recommend it to anyone!

    Smells really nice and helps soothe my cramps
    Alicia Pinkerton

    Love it will be making many purchases in the future.

    GingerChi products are amazing! I like to use this product each day for overall health. I would recommend they're products to anyone as they provide natural ways of to improve your health.

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