Rose Quartz Rose Gold Roller & Argan Treatment

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Jade face rollers evolved as an Imperial Chinese beauty tool used to refine, tone, and enhance skin elasticity while stimulating meridian points to promote facial Chi. Used with a serum or oil, it helps the skin absorb moisture deep into the dermis for a hydrated, and smoother looking complexion.

Rose Quartz is a wonderful healing stone, known to be the crystal of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. The Anti-Aging Rose Quartz Roller is the perfect tool to incorporate unconditional self-love energy into your self-care and beauty regime. 

The GingerChi Illuminating Argan Treatment Roll-On is a potent little stick for moisturizing your skin. The portable .35 fl oz roll-on can be easily applied throughout the day on its own, or in combination with your Rose Quartz Roller. 

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