Set of 3 Absorbent Felt Essential Oil Diffuser Balls

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$ 5.00 USD

  • Made of felt wool, these tightly spun balls are the perfect vessel to absorb essential oils, allowing the aromas to slowly drift out of them. They make perfect essential oil diffusers that fit snugly into your GingerChi Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant so you can have Chi on the go. You can also use these balls to diffuse your favorite perfume. 

  • 100% Wool Felt

  • Open your Aromatherapy Pendant and Dispense up to 5 drops of essential oil blend into diffuser Felt ball. Close clasp and you are good to go. The aromatherapy effect of the necklace should last 3 – 4 days. Add a few more drops to the essential oils diffuser ball when the scent starts to dissipate.

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