Stress Relief Aromatherapy Duo

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Studies have shown that certain blends of essential oils can increase the productions of endorphins and revitalize the senses as quickly as three seconds. This paired bundle will boost your energy and clarity when needed, and soothe stress reactors at the end of the day.

Housed in a handy roll-on, the GingerChi Chi Boost Energy Stick is a blend of potent essential oils that helps revitalize your senses for when you are feeling flat, slow, or generally sluggish. The aromatherapy effects of the Chi boost stick helps you focus and gives you the clarity to get through that long meeting or finish that report late at night. 

The GingerChi Stress Relief Roll-on is specially formulated with a blend of Essential Oils known for their properties to soothe away stress, easing the mind, relaxing tension in the body, bringing calm and optimism to the spirit. Use in the evenings to wind-down, or during the day as needed to create a sense of calm and order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alice Lilly
Gift to A Friend

I have used both the Energy Stick and Stress Relief Roll-on with positive results so I purchased another bundle to gift to a friend. I know that she will be amazed and appreciate it.

Nice addition to my desk.

Both scents are very subtle - don't expect a face melting blast of peppermint - but I quite like using them throughout the day to center myself as I work. I use the energy boost stick often, applying to my wrists and breathing deeply until I feel rejuvenated, then applying behind my ears before getting back to work. I use the stress relief stick either when things start to get hectic, or when I've finished my work for the day and want to slow down. They're very fun little additions to my day. Thanks GingerChi.

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