Natural Ways to Make You Feel Cool

Air conditioning is a great invention to lower your temperature, but it’s not a natural way and it might cause unwanted effects on your body. But do we have any natural ways? Ms. Anna Lam, founder of GingerChi shares tips to make you feel cool.

In Eastern medicine, chi or qi is the fundamental principle of energy that flows through the body that is related to health and well-being. “Finding chi balance is important to maintaining good health, especially in the summer,” says Ms. Lam who developed a conceptual beauty and health shop, GingerChi, carrying a variety of items made from natural, plant-based ingredients and developed with Eastern combined with Western wellness philosophies in mind. The first item she picks is a ‘Chi’ mist made with rosewater and chamomile and a hint of ginger. When you feel hot and lethargic, a spritz of the mist helps you cool down, waken your mind and break up surrounding stagnant energy. Another unique item is an eye mask made of jade. Jade traditionally used in China, stays cool even in summer. Once you place the mask on your eye area and forehead, the cool temperature will gently spread to your head and body. “To get the best effect, chill it in the fridge before using,” she advises. She also suggests for a better rest in the summer heat, sleep on their silk pillowcase. The 100% natural material is soft and helps maintain cool temperatures. With the heat rising every day, this can bring a lot of stress. To help soothe and brighten your mood, she advises wearing an aroma diffuser pendant with blends that will help you energize, soothe and focus. GingerChi also makes custom blends specifically for your needs.

Put a few drops of your favorite aroma oil on a small woolen ball, and place inside the Aroma Diffuser Pendant. The aroma effect lasts three days.

This Needle-Free Treatment Is Being Called "the Botox of the Far East"

By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan

If you’ve been on Instagram anytime in the past year or two, you’ve likely seen a #beautyflatlay complete with a jade roller in the shoot. Dubbed the millennial’s beauty tool of choice, the facial tool is said to boost circulation and increase product absorption. I thought it felt nice — especially when it had been stowed in the fridge — but I didn't see visible results from using it.

Fast forward to a visit to my local crystal healing shop, where, alongside myriad crystal rollers, was a different kind of thin, curved tool I’d never seen before: gua sha — the Botox of the East, the owner excitedly told me. For only $15, I picked up a rose quartz one, because millennial pink, and then did my homework by consulting skin experts as to whether the traditional Chinese medicine-originated practice would do everything the store owner said it would. Hearing promises including the treatment of skin issues like acne and eczema, along with all the anti-aging benefits, like delivering a firmer, smoother, and less wrinkled complexion, I wondered if it was maybe the best $15 I’d ever spent. If you want to give it a try and see for yourself, here's everything you need to know about facial gua sha.

What is gua sha?

“Gua sha is a process in which a tool is scraped against the skin to the point that it creates mild bruising,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, Director of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “The goal of the treatment is to enhance blood flow to the skin.”

“The gua sha technique, which translates to ‘scrape wind,’ was primarily first used on the body to release toxins and relieve pain in tired, sore, or injured muscles,” says Anna Lam, of Ginger Chi, a natural boutique in New York that carries its own line of gua sha tools and jade rollers. “By ‘scraping’ with repeated strokes on the surface of the skin, the gua sha helps stimulate new blood flow and draw out stagnation in the problem areas to help generate metabolic cell repair and healing,” Lam says.

Face | Anti-Aging

6 Beauty Tools That Contour and Sculpt the Face Without Makeup

By Julie Ricevuto

GingerChi Anti-Aging Jade Therapy ($40)

For a no-fuss, feel-good product, this jade roller is a must-have. The stone one the device is able to remain cold on contact (yes, even in wamrer weather!), allowing for boosted lymphatic drainage in the skin. Each rolling motion reduces swelling in the eye, neck and face areas to make the skin appear tighter and re-energized.


By Tara Ciccone

Jade Roller from Gingerchi and Laqa & Co. Oil
Traveling always makes me puffy, no matter what, and no one wants to be puffy on vacation! I swear by my Gingerchi Jade Roller, I pair my rolling with Laqa & Co. ‘Dew Me Right’ facial oil, and voila I’m de-puffed.

Are Jade Rollers Really a Magical Anti-Aging Skin-Care Tool?

By Kylie Gilbert

Jade rollers aren’t a new beauty tool—in fact, they date back to 7th century China—but they’re certainly trendier than ever if our Instagram feeds are any indication. In the past few years, they’ve slowly transformed from a somewhat obscure skincare device to a mainstream must have for beauty junkies. It makes sense; they promise to solve a slew of common skin woes, including wrinkles and puffiness, all in a pretty jade package that fits in with the ever-growing natural beauty and healing crystal trends. (Related: Crystal Spa Treatments Are the Latest Beauty Trend You Need to Try) So are the claims legit—and should you go buy one ASAP? Here’s everything you need to know.

GingerChi Jade Roller

Simply put, a jade roller is like a little rolling pin for your face, made of the gemstone, jade, which can vary in color from very pale green to a deep turquoise. It's been used as a skincare tool for centuries in China, where jade is commonly found, and they've been a secret weapon of estheticians for years. Before the modern-day roller iteration, "jade rollers were used throughout history in egg forms," explains dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare, Dr. Purvisha Patel, M.D. (And FWIW, no, you still shouldn’t put a jade egg in your vagina.) The power of jade is, in part, because it's a cooling and nonporous stone—meaning it won’t retain bacteria, says Dr. Patel. While you can find facial rollers made of other materials with similar properties, like rose quartz, the OG jade version is thought to have some unique healing and spiritual properties: Jade is known as the stone of eternal youth. (Here, How to Choose the Best Healing Crystals for Your Needs) "Jade is a calming stone, and is thought to help relieve the tension in the face," Dr. Patel adds. As a bonus, jade is a good luck charm that can bring prosperity and fortune into your life, according to healing crystal experts—and that's gotta help with those worry wrinkles, right?!

The Skin-Care Benefits

So, what do derms think about the real skin-care perks? “Facial rollers help with puffiness since they help decongest the fluid found in the lymphatic channels,” Dr. Patel says. Jade rollers can be especially helpful when used under the eyes for this reason, adds Mona Gohara, M.D., associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale Medical School. While jade remains cool naturally, she recommends storing your jade roller in the fridge and using it in the morning to eliminate puffiness (in the same way you'd use a cold spoon). When it comes to the wrinkle-erasing claims, Dr. Gohara says jade rollers can help, at least in the short term. “Using a jade roller to massage the skin will stimulate circulation in your face, so you can plump up and lessen the appearance of fine lines,” she says. Still, don't expect Botox like results. There's another bonus: "Using a jade roller after applying other products may help enhance penetration of active ingredients into the skin," says Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research at The Mount Sinai Hospital. Sadly, when it comes to other alleged benefits like refining pores or eliminating those cursed genetic dark circles, a jade roller likely wouldn’t help, Dr. Gohara says. (Related: How to Get Rid of Dark Under-Eye Circles Once and for All) Bottom line: A jade roller isn't a miracle product and it's not a replacement for good skincare, but there's certainly no downside either, Dr. Zeichner says.

How to Use a Jade Roller

There is a right way to use a jade roller to make sure you're reaping all of the skin-care benefits. “Start in the middle of the face, working your way down the neck to help to promote lymphatic flow,” Dr. Patel says. “Make sure to roll up and out in order to draw fluid away from the face,” adds Dr. Gohara. And don't forget areas like your lips and neck—often neglected areas that can show signs of aging. Be sure to apply gentle but consistent pressure to help with de-puffing—if it hurts, you’re pressing too hard, Dr. Patel adds. Use it in the morning or evening—and be sure to keep it clean with soap and warm water.

Where to Buy a Jade Roller

If you're interested in trying out the trend, luckily, you can do so fairly cheaply. Jade rollers are available on Amazon for less than $5. While cheaper versions should offer the same skin-care perks simply from the fact that you're rolling something cool across the skin, Dr. Gohara says, just be aware that you may actually be buying a knock-off version that is made from a glass infused with green dye. To be sure you're getting authentic jade, opt for a slightly pricier version that comes with a jade certification from brands like GingerChi ($24; and Herbivore Botanicals ($25;—no two stones will look alike but they're sure to be the real-deal.

New Holistic Skin-care Store GingerChi Opens in the Lower East Side

By Ellen Thomas on March 1, 2018

No more need to buy jade rollers on Amazon – the downtown creative set now has a bricks-and-mortar destination to shop for holistic skincare goods at the intersection of Manhattan’s Lower East Side and Chinatown neighborhoods.

GingerChi quietly opened its doors at 54 Henry Street in November. Originally founded as an Etsy shop in 2011, GingerChi sells essential oil based facial and body skincare, along with holistic skincare tools and accessories such as jade rollers, guasha stones, muslin cloths, dry brushes, aromatherapy products and silk pillowcases.

Founder Anna Lam developed holistic skin-care as a side business – her day job is as a creative director at an ad agency in Manhattan – after taking courses on the subject in London. Lam is of Cantonese descent, and in the past few years she’s seen the traditional Chinese medicine inspired skincare methodology she has always practiced turn into mainstream trend, with tools like the guasha stone and jade roller developing cult followings. “They’re selling like gangbusters,” Lam said of the roller. “This is why I’m getting more business – everyone wants to do it the natural way.” She also sells a mini jade roller designed for the under eye area – it is said to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.

Lam peddles a variety of more obscure holistic items, including a rose quartz roller and the Jade Chi Mask Therapy. The intricately woven mask is comprised of 100 percent grade A Xiuyan jade, and per Lam has been used for thousands of years by empresses in China – wearing the mask is said to soothe and relax facial muscles, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.

Jade rollers aside, GingerChi carries a variety of skincare items, including serums, cleansing and massage oils and mists that Lam formulates herself. Included with most products are instructional packets detailing how the products should be massaged into the skin to properly maintain chi in the body.

Lam’s entire GingerChi line is formulated around maintaining chi, the Eastern concept of life force energy, according to Lam. Ginger essential oil is the most common ingredient used throughout the line – it is said to have a vast array of healing properties, from stimulating circulation to improving the immune system.

Prices range from $12 for an essential oil roll on to $65 for the Whole Woman Nourish treatment trio, a set of oils targeted at women’s health.


By Rachek Lapidos, February 26 2018

They say hard work shows—and nowhere is it more evident than after a good night’s sleep. If you’ve ever clocked a solid eight hours, yet still woken up with puffy eyes that make you look like you’ve cried hysterically for an hour straight, you can feel me. Alas, the low tech methods to deal with said bags, such as splashing on ice cold water, are in major need of a high vibe upgrade. When a magical looking jade eye mask from GingerChi came across my desk with the claims of de-puffing, while aligning my chi energy and soothing inflammation, I was intrigued. First of all, if you’re familiar with jade rollers (which also de-puff and help promote lymphatic drainage), you’ll know how pretty these gems are. In eye mask form, this gorgeous, beaded green stone mask is like a crystal lover’s dream. Its description is equally as enticing, saying that it “emits healing energy into the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys,” which it purports will aid in soothing and detoxifying stressed out organs. Not only that, but it’s a royal accessory: “Empresses in China have used jade masks for thousands of years,” according to the brand. Considering I like to pretend I’m waking up as a veritable queen in my castle overlooking Central Park (pretend, I said), this sounds like the perfect addition to my beauty routine. Keep reading for the truth about using a jade eye mask and whether they can battle puffiness once and for all.

De-puffing in luxury

Since the eye mask is really similar to a jade roller—which I’ve used copiously to help promote lymphatic drainage in my face—there’s not much to test out besides the application method.

“Naturally, jade as a stone has a low temperature, so it’s always cold,” explains Sonia Keuroghlian, a natural beauty blogger and wellness expert. “This gives it the benefit of [helping] constrict blood vessels in the skin, which then soothes puffiness.”

It constricts blood vessels in the skin, which then soothes puffiness.

If anything, laying this mask over your eye area first thing in the morning will wake you right up—it’s certainly cold on its own, no refrigeration needed (though that works too if you’re more hardcore). The brand says to leave it on as “long as you require,” so I lie half down, half sitting up (so I don’t fall back asleep again), and try to meditate but really just think about my to-do list for the day. After I’m sick of this—which, truth be told is about 5 minutes later—I remove the jade and peer into the closest mirror.

The mask helps with my a.m. puffiness somewhat (they’re less severe), but I still look...kind of tired. The good news is that there aren’t dark circles under my eyes, so whether by the circulation from the cold jade or a second of being up, I’ve nixed that. I chock up the fact that I’m not perfectly de-puffed because I didn’t devote a long enough period of time to chilling with the mask on.

Keuroghlian notes that the jade mask can have a similar effect as a hot-cold plunge when used in your skincare routine. “By constricting the blood vessels, it closes your pores—so it’s good to apply your skincare products after cleansing, then put the mask on to seal them in,” she says. “Your skin will cool and less product will evaporate, so more will stay on your skin. After this, your skin will be smoother for makeup application.”

I try it again in the middle of my skincare routine, as Keuroghlian recommends, and notice that my complexion is smoother and my pores appear smaller (probably from the cool jade). The cooling sensation is certainly soothing, and does work some magic—so it’s not just eye candy to have on your nightstand.


By Rachel Lapidos, November 21, 2017

There’s no denying Lea Michele is a wellness aficionado. The actress, singer, author is always posting #Wellness Wednesday Instas, has been known to frequent SoulCycle, and has her own tricks to stay healthy on the road.

And, as a clean beauty advocate (having previously partnered with Burt’s Bees for a “Bring Back the Bees” campaign a few years back), it comes as no surprise that Michele resorts to a holistic (and mystical, even) hack when dealing with eye puffiness.

As she just revealed on her Instagram, The Mayor star uses a jade roller to combat that ever so dreaded annoyance of swollen eyes. “So obsessed with my GingerChi jade face roller,” Michele wrote on her story, raving that it makes her bags diminish.

Jade rollers are beloved by estheticians because they’re used to promote lymphatic drainage, a facial massage technique that purportedly carries away fluid that has been parked in the lymph nodes. It gets a boost from the jade stone, a token to many of peace and balance (two words everyone wants to associate with their skin, and stat).

Just a little love around the eyes might help you look and feel more awake, à la Michele. The added bonus? The roller is *highly* Instagrammable.

7 Underrated Plant-Based Brands for Sensitive Skin

By Nikki Brown

When you’ve got skin that reacts to any and everything, finding products that won’t leave you with a mysterious rash or breakout is challenging, to say the least. The cold hard truth is...we don’t have all of the answers. Putting together an everyday routine is a personal experience that should include a dermatologist appointment, so you know exactly what ingredients to avoid and/or gravitate toward.

MORE: Why Your SkinCare Routine Doesn’t Need Extra Steps

To the contrary, we also understand that everyone isn’t afforded the same access, which means a lot of trial and error is the alternative. Although there are a slew of big-name brands that we could recommend, those with sensitive skin may require something a little more down to earth, literally.

MORE: The Household Item That Leaves Makeup Brushes Squeaky Clean

The beauty of plant based brands is that they’re made with stuff you can find in nature and nothing else. When you choose to invest in products that are free of hard to pronounce man made ingredients, you can quickly research the benefits behind each one and better determine how your skin will react to it. The industry is laden with countless synthetic free options, but these seven should definitely be on your radar if they aren’t already.


The hero ingredient of this spa brand guessed it: ginger. Rich in antioxidants, the flowering plant is routinely used in beauty products for its ability to boost blood circulation, repair cell damage and even regulate digestion. It’s no wonder someone decided to create an entire beauty brand around it!

Chi Roller Anti Aging and Regenerating Serum Set, $30 at GingerChi

EDITORS’ PICKS Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Presents for Beauty Obsessives

By Christina Baez - December 22, 2017

GingerChi Mini Jade Roller

Inspired by its use in China over centuries, this jade roller stimulates meridian points to help promote radiance and vitality. Specifically use this mini jade roller under the eyes, over crow’s feet and along brow and mouth lines to soothe, tighten and reduce stress.



The fancy little tool promises to depuff the face and help with under eye bags. But does it actullay work?

By Lindsey Silberman Jan 30 2018

As far as I’m concerned, the best part of a haircut is (and always will be) having your hair shampooed. But when you attempt to do it to yourself? Wildly unfulfilling. The same could be said about facials: even the fanciest, creamiest at home masks fail to mimic the spa induced euphoria you feel after a treatment.

There is, however, a little tool you can buy that imitates the sensation of an aesthetician’s cold hands massaging your skin: the jade roller. And it seems that everyone is talking about them lately. Here’s what you need to know about the beauty world’s favorite depuffing device.

What Is It?

It’s almost like a miniature paint roller—but rather than a sponge at the end of the metal handle, there’s an oblong piece of pure jade. Some jade rollers have two ends: one containing a larger sized stone (intended for the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck) and one containing a smaller stone (for the under eyes.)

What Does It Do?

In a nutshell, the roller helps eliminate puffiness—and there’s actually science behind how it works. The roller massages the lymphatic system, which is a network of tissues and organs just below the skin that helps to rid the body of toxins and waste.

“Our face, just like our bodies, can store excess water and be sluggish in the removal of toxins,” explains Dr. Lamees Hamdan, the founder of Shiffa, a luxury skincare line from Dubai. “Massaging the lymphatic system is key to helping our face move the excess water, which causes the puffiness. When lymph is flowing freely in the face, you’ll have clearer, healthier skin without a buildup of toxins and fluids.”

Even if you’re not convinced that a piece of stone can give you Angelina’s chiseled cheek bones, there’s also a spiritual component that sways many devotees. Many cultures see jade as a symbol of prosperity, purity, and tranquility—celebrating the stone for its ability to absorb negative energy.

How Do You Use It?

First things first: it should always be used on clean, moisturized skin. Dr. Hamdan recommends starting from your clavicle, then moving to the jawline and neck, followed by the nose, lips, chin, forehead, and finally, ending with the eyes. Also, it’s important to remember that rolling should be done in an “upward and outward”direction.

“I recommend keeping your jade roller in the fridge for a cooling sensation that helps reduce under eye swelling and puffiness,” explains Edyta Jarosz, Lead Aesthetician at PFRANKMD Skin Salon in Manhattan. “It can be used by itself or in combination with your regular under eye creams.”

Jarosz also recommends incorporating the roller into your nightly routine after applying your skincare products. “It will boost blood circulation which plumps and firms face and help products absorb better into your skin,” she says.

To clean the roller, wipe it gently with a damp cloth and dry it with a soft towel. Avoid using very hot water at all costs, and never soak it or submerge it in water.

We Tried It...Here’s What Happened.

In an effort to accurately assess the roller’s claims, I decided to try it out for myself. So, every evening for the past two weeks, I’ve spent around 10 minutes following the diagram above. Usually I’ll start by applying a serum (either Drunk Elephant’s Glycolic Night Serum or La Prairie’s Anti-Aging Booster) followed by an oil (Biossance’s 100% Squalene Oil), and finally, an eye cream. Then, I get to rolling.

The Final Verdict: Does it Really Work?

For de-puffing under eyes, absolutely. On occasion, I’ll store mine in the fridge like Jarosz suggested, and use it beneath my lower lash line in the morning if I’m looking particularly tired. (In my mind, it’s akin to using an ice pack to reduce swelling.) As for the other areas—forehead, cheeks, neck, and jawline—it’s hard to tell whether or not I see a noticeable difference. When I glanced in the mirror this morning, I did think that my face looked slimmer and my skin appeared smoother than usual, but there are also plenty of other factors to consider (namely, the placebo effect!) Either way, I’ve started to really enjoy the ritual of it. There’s something incredibly calming about rolling a cold stone on your face, and the idea that it might also be pushing my pricey anti-aging products deeper into my skin? That’s reason enough for me.

A Few Rollers We Recommend GingerChi Roller Anti-Aging Jade Roller, $24.00


By Morgan C Schimminger

GingerChi Mini Detox Set


Wellness brand GingerChi harnesses the healing power of ginger (like slowing the effects of aging, boosting skin tone and strengthening the body) in their line of oils, serums and scents. Their “Mini Detox Set” includes a dry brush, juniper oil and a detoxifying mouthwash and will help break up cellulite and help stimulate circulation. On Black Friday, GingerChi will take 30 percent off their entire product line.


Esme Benjamin, Wellness Editor November 13, 2017

For the person in your life who never has a cheat day no matter where they are, we’ve assembled a selection of holiday gifts that will make their ultra healthy lifestyle a little more portable

Effective skincare is about treating the anatomy of the face, not just the skin on top of it. This jade roller loosens tight facial muscles, increases circulation and aids lymph drainage to reduce puffiness and help prevent wrinkles. It’s also perfect for soothing sunburned skin, particularly after being kept in the mini bar fridge for a few hours.

GingerChi, Anti-Aging Jade Roller, $25.99


Kelsey Castanon - February 22 2018


Introducing the jade roller of the future or really, the chicest way to shield your eyes from the scariest moments in the series. Just sit back, lay it flat on your face, and let the cooling stones work their Zen (and de-puffing) magic.

Gingerchi Jade Chi Mask Therapy, $38, available at Gingerchi.

The Products You Need To Look and Feel Younger In 2018

By Allison Abbey - January 5 2018

It’s 2018 and you know what that means, another trip around the sun. And while aging is a badge of honor, so is looking and feeling your best. We’ve got what you need to do both of the above!

Keep on Rolling

One of the year’s top beauty trends, jade rollers like the Chi Roller smooth and de-puff the face, neck and arms. Yes, it’s that easy. $24

Women are going crazy for these rolling facial toner tools

By Molly Shea - December 18, 2017

Got holiday hangover face? Massage away your complexion cares with a face roller, a trendy tool meant to increase circulation and reduce inflammation.

Mini magic

Roll this jade wand under eyes, over crow’s feet and along brow bones to nix any puffiness or dark circles.

Rejuvenating jade minimizer, $18 at GingerChi


We’ve All Been Using This Popular SkinCare Tool the Wrong Way

By Danielle Fontana , Assistant Editor | April 10, 2018

The hype around stone rollers is undeniable—as is the way they instantly cool skin and seem to tighten a slack complexion over time—but we may have been using them wrong all along. Whether your roller is crowned with jade, rose quartz or amethyst, there’s a rhyme and reason to using them.

Like anything that rolls, common sense tells us to glide the rollers up and down the face, but that could be doing some harm in the long-term. The proper way to use them: “Always up and out,” says Anna Lam, founder of GingerChi, a natural skincare brand that offers multiple types of rollers, like this Rose Quartz Chi Roller ($39). “Think of it as pulling your skin ‘up’; you never want to drag skin down.

”You May Also Like: This $9 Tool Is How Models Slim and De-Puff Their Faces Instantly

Celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy agrees, adding that all types of massage pressure we put on our faces should be upward and/or outward, ensuring we are going against, not with, our gravity pull. “The only exception to the rule is when you’re rolling on the sides of your face by the ears. Here, movements should be down the length of the neck to drain the lymph,” she says.

The result: a stimulated lymphatic system, relaxed facial muscles that tense up throughout the day and amped up efficacy of your favorite skincare products.

The Best Beauty & Wellness Stocking Stuffers 2017

By Rachel Barber - December 2017

Gift these ultra indulgent, pint sized products to the beauty maven in your life.

For the crystal enthusiast

GingerChi Mini Jade Roller for Dark Circles, $18.

Three Natural Beauty Treatments for the Colder Months

November 14, 2017

And just like that, New York has gotten coooooold. After all, we are in November, so we shouldn’t be surprised, yet the cold makes us want to snuggle up with a cup of tea, a good book and go into full-on pampering mode. To make sure we’re not putting any unnecessary chemicals on our body, here are three natural beauty treatments for your skin, lips, and hair.

GingerChi Regenerating Face Serum and Jade Roller

Apply a few drops of GingerChi Regenerating Face Serum to your face after cleansing. This potent serum is a blend of beautifying essential oils. Use the GingerChi Jade Roller to roll under eyes, over crow’s feet as well as along brow lines and lips. The Jade Roller has anti-aging benefits and helps promote radiance and vitality.

Ho Ho Ho! It’s BOSSIP’s Holiday Gift Guide!!!

By Bossip Staff - November 24 2017

BOSSIP’s Got You Covered For The Holidays It’s that time of year again. The Holiday Season means family, food and of course, gifts. That’s why we’re bringing you a gift guide full of holiday goodies from a range of businesses, with many being minority or women owned. So whether it’s your boss, your boo or your bestie, we’ve got you covered.

So hit the flip and get some ideas for who’s been naughty or nice!

GingerChi Mini Detox Set

Wellness brand GingerChi harnesses the healing power of ginger (like slowing the effects of aging, boosting skin tone and strengthening the body) in their line of oils, serums and scents. Their “Mini Detox Set” includes a dry brush, juniper oil and a detoxifying mouthwash and will help break up cellulite and help stimulate circulation. On Black Friday, GingerChi will take 30 percent off their entire product line.


By Caitlyn Becker - February 7 2018

If you’re anti-Valentine’s Day or relationships or commercialization … click here and enjoy these photos of celebrities and their pets instead.

Now that we’ve weeded out the haters, let’s get down to business. Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you have a S.O., we’re here to help with the gift giving.

Celebs always have the best stuff, so we turn to them for Cupid’s inspiration this year.

For the Bae Who Needs a Break

Let’s face it, your loved one can probably use a day off. Help your boo take a day for themselves with the go to celebrity pampering tool: a jade roller. Lea Michele is obsessed with this one from GINGERCHI. This funky little tool has been used for a zillion years in Asia to depuff the face, oxygenate the skin and is even said to ward off negativity. Pair the roller with those jazzy bath products from the top of the list and you’re going to win Valentine’s Day.


By Caitlyn Becker - February 7 2018

If you’re anti-Valentine’s Day or relationships or commercialization … click here and enjoy these photos of celebrities and their pets instead.

Now that we’ve weeded out the haters, let’s get down to business. Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you have a S.O., we’re here to help with the gift giving.

Celebs always have the best stuff, so we turn to them for Cupid’s inspiration this year.

For the Bae Who Needs a Break

Let’s face it, your loved one can probably use a day off. Help your boo take a day for themselves with the go to celebrity pampering tool: a jade roller. Lea Michele is obsessed with this one from GINGERCHI. This funky little tool has been used for a zillion years in Asia to depuff the face, oxygenate the skin and is even said to ward off negativity. Pair the roller with those jazzy bath products from the top of the list and you’re going to win Valentine’s Day.

The Best Jade Facial Rollers for Every Budget

By Laura Swanson - November 16 2017


Early morning wake up call got you feeling less bright-eyed and more, well, puffy? There’s a tool for that. Jade rollers, which are handheld massaging tools typically made with one or two jade stone heads, allegedly boost blood circulation, reduce under eye swelling, and help products absorb better into your skin. “The roller itself helps remove excess fluid under the eye, while the cool jade stone constricts blood vessels to further minimize swelling,” says Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “They can be used by themselves or in combination with your regular under-eye creams.” Pro tip: Pop one in the fridge a few minutes prior to rolling for an extra cooling effect. Here, we’ve found nine of the best (and #Insta-friendly) jade rollers to try now.

GingerChi Jade Roller

Made with 100 percent jade, this roller is both easy to use and feels supersmooth on skin.