Anna Lam, founder


For founder Anna Lam, the concept of Chi, the balance of yin - yang and the use of herbs is an innate part of her Asian upbringing.

Even though she was born on the small island of Nauru, her parents always instilled in her the traditions of her Chinese heritage.

She grew up amongst the coconut groves, discovering an array of tropical fruits and exploring the unique marine life inhabiting the coral reef surrounding the small Pacific atoll. Her formative years in this idyllic environment not only left an indelible impression, but enforced a profound awareness and love for nature.

This affinity to nature continued when her family moved to Melbourne. Amidst the diverse fauna and flora of the Australian bush, Anna’s love and respect for the power of plants expanded.

It wasn't until she moved to New York and gave birth to her daughter that the concepts that had resonated during childhood became a tangible force that would be eventually become the inspiration behind GingerChi.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a woman’s body becomes overly ‘yin’ and out of balance after childbirth. In this weakened state, she is more vulnerable and susceptible to elements. 

In the month after giving birth new mothers will traditionally adhere to certain rituals and protocolsin order to protect her body and bring it back into balance. 

Known for it’s yang properties, Ginger is one of the most revered herbs in China. In order to restore her Chi, she eats, drinks and bathes in ginger. With yin and yang in harmony, chi is able to flow freely giving her strength and renewed life force to tackle any future harm.

Anna saw that the concept of Chi could be applied to our everyday lives. When there is imbalance in our lives, whether it is physical, emotional, or environmental we suffer from many ways. On a cellular level, dry, oily and aging skin can be considered signs of imbalance.

Working with acupuncturist, Dr Ming Liu, Aromatherapist Christina Dille and renowned formulator Mike Harmon, Anna formed her line of products. Based on ginger and plant-based oils known to provide a multitude of benefits, the formulas work on balancing our bodies highly evolved, Self-regulating systems. 

In 2011, GingerChi launched on Etsy.

In 2012, way before Jade Rollers became the craze; Anna remembered the tool her mother had used and thought it would be the perfect to complement her beauty line based on Chi. Unable to find the quality rollers she had known, she travelled to the source. In province of Liaoning, China where Xiuyan Jade is mined, Anna found artisans and worked with them to refine and improve the roller for its sturdiness and stone quality.

In 2017, after selling fully online for 7 years, she eventually opened a brick-and-mortar store. 

In 2020, they moved to a larger space to offer special treatments using their handcrafted oils and traditional TCM techniques such as gau sha, acupressure and acupuncture to help address symptoms related to imbalance in your system.

The GingerChi jade Anti-aging therapy Roller was soon discovered by the influencers and bloggers who found the quality to surpass the cheap and defective rollers that were available at that time. The rest is history.