GingerChi Therapy Room

Enter the GingerChi Therapy Room, a zen-like oasis where you surrender your senses to an atmosphere of pure tranquility. As you lay on a bed of heated jade stones we do our utmost to pamper and rejuvenate with treatments specially designed for your needs. Combining the best of eastern techniques and western methods, our trained specialist, using GingerChi's 100% natural plant based products, work deep through the layers of the skin to purify, lift, balance and regenerate Chi.

GingerChi products are made with fresh ginger oil to harness ginger's revitalizing effect on Chi and the body systems that directly influence the appearance of skin. Pure plant oils and essential oils are selected for their direct benefit to the skin and for their ability to support the skin's self-regenerating system to bring about radiance through balance

Whether it is the Heaven/Earth Guasha Face Lift, the Accu-Chi Rejuvenation Treatment, the Purifying Rebalancing Chi Facial or our quick 30 minute express Mini Chi Boost Guasha Lift, you will leave the Therapy Room feeling and looking rested, rejuvenated and radiant.    Learn more

Heaven/Earth Guasha Chi Face Lift
60 MINUTES I $150

Natural face-lift with guasha tools to activate the flow of Chi.

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Accu-Chi Rejuvenation Treatment
60 MINUTES I $200

Non-Surgical Face Lift anti-aging treatment with acupuncture.

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Purifying ReBalancing Chi Facial
60 MINUTES I $115

Revive your skin. Combat winter dryness. Maintain Skin Health.

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Mini Chi Rejuvenation Lift & Boost
30 MINUTES I $45

Mini Heaven/Earth Chi Face Lift Treatment is the perfect pick-me-up when your skin looking blah and sluggish.

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Whole Body Acupressure Massage
60 MINUTES I $120

Relieve stress, tension and anxiety, improve sleep and relax muscle and ease joint pain.

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Hand Analysis/Soul Agenda Reading
120 MINUTES I $500

The lines and texture of your hands are a blueprint.

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