100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

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Just as silk pillowcases help minimize hair tangling, frizzing and breakages, the same holds true for pure silk scrunchies for hair.

Made from 100% natural Mulberry silk, the smooth material reduces friction, which can prevent knotting and any other damage.

Silk is a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly material and helps retain moisture. Because silk is less absorbent than cotton, it won’t strip hair of natural moisture and oils, resulting in less breakage, more hydration and smoother, healthy hair.

Tip: Use the silk scrunchie at night while sleeping helps keep your hair healthy and prevent tangling. This may come in especially handy for hair extensions, which have to be plaited for the night.

The GingerChi Pure Silk Mulberry Silk Scrunchie is washable and come is in standard or slim size and in three versatile shades of Black, Crème or Rose Gold.

Size: Slim, Standard

Fabric: 100% 16-Momme Mulberry Silk

Care: Machine Washable with a mild detergent made for delicate fabrics that doesn't contain bleach.

Be sure to use the delicate cycle or most gentle cycle setting on your washer. Use cool water, no higher than 30° Celsius or 84° Fahrenheit. 

100% Mulberry Silk.

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Great little scrunchie!

The slim scrunchie is perfect for my thinning hair. It stays put, holds all my hair in place, and looks good while doing so!

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