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Our complete Anti-Aging Set is our most highly recommended skin care regimen.

Each set includes your choice of Beauty tools. Choose from the Jade, Rose Quartz or Bian Stone. Housed in our chic travel bag, inspired by Japanese Furoshiki wrapping style - every set includes all you need for radiant, youthful looking skin

The comprehensive set includes: 

  • Your choice of Beauty Tools in Jade, Rose Quartz or Bian Stone.
  • A roller, and gua sha stone 
  • Purifying Oil Cleanser 10ml
  • One Organic Muslin Face Cloth 
  • Hydrating Chi Mist 10ml
  • Regenerating Face Serum 10ml
  • Travel bag 

Customer Reviews

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Jose Barrera-Aguirre
Lots of Love 4 these products <33

This review is long overdue... And in part, I feel bad because I wrote a version of it a couple years back, but the lighting wasn't it and I felt like it would be an injustice to both me and GingerChi to post my review with images taken in fluorescent lighting.

I have been using my GingerChi Anti-Aging Set since 2021 and have noticed the long term benefits of using these tools. After the hectic year that was 2020, I noticed a difference in my face. I had kept up with my skin care routine and had seasonal visits with my aesthetician during school breaks. My face, and skin looked tired... I had began to crease because of the excessive mask use and I found my body feeling tenser than ever. I had known about the gua sha technique and was interested but was weary about the tools themselves and wether my skin would react to them.

[For context, TikTok had blown up and everyone was suddenly an influencer and a commodity all at once. They could sell themselves to a larger demographic while selling you a specific product. At the time, gua sha had become very popular and the spike in interest caused a mass production of fake stone. This resulted in people not understanding the benefits of the technique and moreso hating the product itself because they had gotten some sort of colored glass that caused their skin to breakout.

After doing research, and being pried on by the little government agents in my phone, GingerChi entered the conversation and I suddenly not only felt informed but excited to see what would come.

Now its been well over two years and I find myself reaching for either the tools or the oils on a daily basis. It's weird how you can go back and forth and try differents brands or techniques and you always find yourlself going to what works and GingerChi does that.

The tools:

GuaSha - this tool is like the universal remote for the body. And that sound curious yes, but let's get into it. Every tool comes with a little guide that tells you how to use it and how frequently to use it. I would do the swipes on my face, and on my forehead, and on my EYEBROWS, AND gurl -- the instant eyebrow lift. I mean my jawline started to become more defined, my face was finding its self... The release of tension I would feel and the ability to breathe was something I was not expecting. As I became a more avid user, I started using the tool down my neck, from behind my ear, following the back of my neck down to my shoulders and eventually expanding my chest by brushing it outwards. I feel the knots in my body slowly being to dissipate as this tool.

Roller - this tool is the face lift's ^ best friend. She's reliable and easy to take with you if you're scared of cracking your stone on on-the-go trips. I use this tool mostly on my nose when my sinuses are clogged or along the crease of my eyebrows when I wanna wake up. This tool is great for starting your day. I love using the cleansing oil and spraying myself with the mist before doing a couple of rolls. It helps with circulation and overall depuffing.

Bian stone - this is my recent addition and when I saw It, I knew exactly what I wanted it for. I get horrible finger cramps from typing all day and the heavy curves of the stone allow for enought movement in the palms of my hand to get rid of any knots. I also love to use it down my back and along side my quads. Overall this tool provides you the right amount of stability and pressure to work through any tension.

Syrums <3

GOD THESE ARE A GOD SEND ALL OF THEM. I DON'T REMEMBER MY LIFE B4 THEM. From the regernating syrum, to the mist, to the new blue one they recently released. You continously deliver high quality products that I am not scared of trying becuase I have seen the benefits of your products first hand.

Quality points for :

great customer service - for my first kit, my hydrating mist had come empty. I was confused because I thiught it had spilled but everything was well packed so that hadn't been the case. I reached out to customer support and was instantly sent a replacement. Similary when my guasha broke and my rolller came apart because I had it for over 2 years they sent me a replacement. They are a brand that values and understands the longegivity of brand/consumer relationship. And that I truly value.

happy memories - I bought my first kit at a very stressful time in my life. After seeing the benefits it had on me, I gifted one to my sister who had recently graduated from grad school and was dealing with a heavy client load. She was able to implement these small things into her day to day routine and noticed improvements within herself.

In regards to this idea of anti-aging, we can't stop the process but we can implement new regimines that allow us to age gracefully rather than fear what lies ahead.

Great to heat from you Jose! Good to hear you are doing weill. You are most kind. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. We are blessed to have a customer like you <3

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