Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

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$ 15.00

100% Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable fabric. Helps skin retain its natural moisture, preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Effectively blocks out light that can disturb quality sleep, essential for flawless skin and inner beauty.

In Chinese culture, it is believed that when the body is at rest between certain hours of the night, it is repairing and replenishing Chi in certain organs like the gall bladder, the endocrine system, liver and lungs, which are also related to the condition of skin.

Dermatologist also agree that 8 hours of quality sleep is essential for repairing the skin and overall health. After a good night’s sleep, you not only look well rested but also naturally more attractive.

An essential travel item, a customer noted, wearing the Chi Silk Mask on an overnight economy flight, made her feel like she was in first class.

Note: Each GingerChi Mulberry Silk Eye Mask comes with an organza travel bag for convenient storage.

Mulberry Silk Eye Mask Features:

  • Soft, light weight and extremely comfortable design that covers eye area adequately.
  • Made with pure silk on both sides. Black silk on the one side effectively blocks out light that can interfere with deep quality sleep
  • Easy to adjust strap to any size
  • Available in three luscious colors: Deep Blue, Silver Grey and Champagne
  • Comes in organza travel bag

100% Mulberry Silk

Hypoallergenic, breathable natural fabric

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold or hand wash. Use cool iron.

Place over eyes and drift deeply into your dreams.

Q1: How do you wash silk pillow cases and mask?
A: You can wash your silk pillow case and mask by using a washing machine on the delicate cycle with cold water and mild detergent with no bleach. You can also wash by hand with soap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nadia A
Incredible eye mask

I've been sleeping with an eye mask on and off for years, but now its hard to sleep without this incredible eye mask. It's soft, luxurious to the touch and adjustable for that perfect fit. I brought it on a flight in my carry on and was asleep within minutes. A great investment in your sleep!

Awesome Eye Mask

I can say that I truly love this eye mask. I can not sleep without eye mask and this eye mask is the best I have used so far. In fact I ordered again as I am completely satisfied with it. My sleep is better and I would recommend it for everyone who has trouble sleeping. It does help a lot. 🙂👍

Viena - We're so happy to hear the eye mask could help you sleep better! Thank you for sharing your feedback. Sleep is very important for one's well being and we're happy our tools can help you achieve a good night's sleep. .

Suzanne VanDusen
Love this Eye Mask

This is one of the best sleep eye mask's I have had had. Soft and smooth. Very comfortable. I have had others and this one doesn't compare. It is in a league of it's own. Love it. I am ordering another one for back up.

Dear Suzanne, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on the GingerChi 100% Silk Eye Mask! We are so happy you are enjoying it :)

Alice Lilly
Silk Face Mask

The face mask is incredible--beautiful construction, soft and comfortable and I'm so happy I chose the blue shade as it matches my pillow cases.
Another "win" for GingerChi!

Thank you Alice! The Indigo Blue Blue is my favorite too, followed by the Rose Pink. Glad you are enjoying it! Appreciate your continuous support of GingerChi :)

Jane K
Lovely mask

Lovely fabric and fit...soooo comfortable!

We are so happy you are enjoying the mask! Thank you for the review.

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