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Bian stones formed about 65 million years ago when a meteorite collided with Earth in Shandong, China. Setting the example for acupuncture, these “needle stones” were heated to treat neck and back pain (like acupuncture needles). Studies have shown that Bian can help stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles and joints, and aid anti-oxidation in our cells. We warm and apply Bian stone for its abilities both to store heat and to release trace minerals beneficial to the body. The Bian Gua Sha Massage Sticks can be rolled over acupressure points and tense muscles for instant relief of tension. Or alternatively held like a ‘pen’ using the either end to press gently on acupressure point to stimulate Chi and relieve tension

Carved from Bian Stone

1. First warm sticks in a bowl of warm water. Then cleanse face and apply Face Oil for lubrication.

2. Hold a rod in each hand and roll over forehead, under eye and across jawline. For lymphatic drainage from behind the ear, down the side of of the neck and shoulder to the collar bone.

3. You can roll the warm Acu-Chi Sticks over acupressure point and releasing tension of muscles and tendons all over the body. Used the ends to press down on points to stimulate the flow of Chi.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fantastic tool for pressure massages

I love using Gua Sha massage stick all over my pressure points in the body. It’s really easier to use to exercise the right pressures that hand alone cannot do. And especially extra kudos for being able to warm it up and apply warm massages at home.
I use it in particular on my feet, my hands and my legs. Love my purchase, quality product. Will highly recommend to anyone who wants to try it to relief those pressures in the body and open up the energy points.

Hello Annette. We loved to hear how you have used the GingerChi Massage tool.Thank you so much for sharing.

adriana g.
Most soothing tool!

I had the most wonderful Gua Sha facial treatment with warmed Bain stones and just had to take one home with me. It is very soothing and provides instant relief. I am a fan, and especially a fan of the GingerChi treatments.

Thank you for coming in for our GingerChi Gua Sha treatment and for sharing your experience, Adriana! It was delightful to meet you. We hope you will continue using the Gua Sha Tool at home and reaping the benefits. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Natalie R.
Ginger Chi has the most wonderful products, education and service

Ginger Chi has the most wonderful products, education and service.
Especially love the Gua Sha tools, the rollers. And the Gua Sha Bain Stick is awesome.
Thank you for making my health and beauty routine a wonderful, happy and successful experience.

Thank you for your review Natalie! We're so happy to hear that our products are making a difference in your life.

We love hearing how our customers are enjoying our GingerChi's Gua Sha tools. I'm glad we could help make your health and beauty routine successful!

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