Jade Mini Mushroom Massage Disc

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In China, Jade is more revered than gold, and face rollers evolved as an Imperial beauty tool. Mined in the northern provinces of Xiuyan, the properties helps tones and enhances skin elasticity, while stimulating meridian points to promote Chi.

These little mushrooms discs (1.25 d x 1.75 h inches) are the perfect size to tighten skin around the sensitive eye area. The semiprecious stone remains cool on contact even in warm weather. This cooling effect helps minimize pores, tighten skin and increase lymphatic drainage. We keep our jade tools cold to maximize these benefits.

According to TCM principles, the acupressure points around the eyes, reflects stagnation in the body, which can result in skin and facial issues. Hold the mushrooms between your fingers in each hand sweep in outward movement around the eye staring between the point between the eyebrows.


1. Improve circulation

2. Reduce puffiness

3. Smoothes furrows and fine lines

4.Dcrease dark circles

5.Open sinus passages and clear congestion

6.Releases tension and freshen tired eyes

1. Lubricate eye area with eye oil . We recommend GingerChi Organic Eye Oil Concentrate.

2. Hold the unique mushroom shaped tool tween the fingers. Maneuver and twist the disc, utilizing the concave shape and smooth edges.

3. Follow the lines up and along the muscles fibers.

4. Pause on acupoints, use the edge of the concave to focus on tight knots especially around the jaw area and temples.

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews

even if the variation of jade didn’t end up looking like the way it did in the photo. Its still just as perfect, and still does the job with its meridian points

Ryan James
So good!!

I did a bit of research before buying a guasha tool and came across this awesome webpage. Was a little skeptical of the shape before I purchased but I’m glad I went for it because this is a great product. The shape fits perfectly across the contours of my face, every edge of the stone is useful, and the guide GingerChi provides on how to use the tool properly is super easy to follow. And when I tell you it makes a difference for your look and skin, I mean it!

I’ve got numerous compliments from family and friends since using these products and beyond the compliments I can see the difference myself which boosts my confidence! The way the stone stimulates your skin and blood flow is a new feeling for me and I love it.

Along with my order was a hand written note thanking me for buying their product and a free sample of their serum! I genuinely do not think I would have the same results without their serum, so I kindly thank you guys for doing that and also highly recommend buying it if you’re on the fence when purchasing your guasha. I am a huge fan and will definitely be purchasing more of it.

Now bear in my mind my skin type is dry. I’m not an oily skin type so you may see and feel different results with the serum. However, I would still give it a shot. You can’t go wrong for the price. Also, if it doesn’t work out for you. It would make a great gift for someone in your life, I’m sure of it.

GingerChi, thank you for your time, effort, and care it absolutely shows in your products. You guys are outstanding and have definitely changed my routine for the better. 100% an advocate for this brand and their products, also for the kindness they show their clientele! 10/10 will definitely be a return customer for a long time. Thank you and shoutout GingerChi!

Beautiful but fragile

I was so excited to get my real jade gua sha tool!! I put the lovely smelling rosemary hair oil (free sample) in and began to massage and comb my hair. I hit a tangle, and with my slightly oily fingers, dropped the tool onto our concrete floor.
I broke it about 3 minutes after receiving it. 😪 Let this be a cautionary tale!!
I will be purchasing another one. It's more expensive, but worth it for real jade, not some manufactured resin with pulverized jade dust.
Thank you for the great product and I absolutely love the free samples you send with purchases.

Dear Julia, thank you so much for leaving the review. We are so sorry to hear that the comb broke and so soon after you received it. Please email us and we can help you with sending out another one.

Exquisite Jade Roller

Really beautiful roller with certified jade stones. You can feel the weight, which enhances the facial massage with natural gravity. I bought two to give as gifts, but I ended up keeping one for myself!

Nice Yazmine! Thank you for taking the time to share.

Sarah Meyerzon
Fair price for ligit Jade roller

Love this roller!It is cold/cooling on the skin which means it tightens the pores, I love that each roller is slightly different as really Jade is uniquely different and I get an affordable price which makes it a real honest product. I had to do some research to find this and there are many expensive real ones and cheap fake ones. Glad I found a real, beautiful Jade roller I could afford and now use!

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