Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloths

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Set of 2 Cloths
  • More and more beauty experts are doing away with harsh cleansing tools and turning to this natural trend of cleansing that encourages cell renewal, boosts blood circulation and balances sebum production for healthy glowing and more youthful looking skin. Our GingerChi Organic Muslin Face Cloths are the essential component missing from your daily beauty regimen. Made with 100% organic cotton, these cloths gently exfoliate skin- removing layers of dirt, bacteria, excess oils, impurities and makeup, leaving skin clean, fresh, soft, and supple! As skin is clear of dead skin cells, it is able to absorb product more purely. These cloths are both eco-friendly and reusable too!

    Skin Types: All

    Tip: Pair with our Purifying Oil Facial Cleanser for the perfect duo!
    Each package contains two cloths (approx. 18" x 12") 

    100% Natural. Vegan. Cruelty Free. GingerChi products are purely natural, vegan, cruelty free, and organic when possible. They contain no parabens, no petroleum mineral oil, no artificial colors. Tested on human friends only.

  • Our Muslin Cloths are made of 100% organically cotton, grown and harvested on farms under regulated organic standards in India. It is then milled and transported to one of the oldest established textile companies in the UK.

    Size: 18” x 12.5”

    1. Dispense a few drops of gently oil-based cleanser (GingerChi Purifying Oil Face Cleanser) into palm of hand. Using fingertips, gently massage around face and neck using upwards, circular motions. Concentrate on areas around the T-zone where dirt and oil tends to accumulate. Rub gently around eyes to remove any make-up.
    2. Wet the Muslin Face Cloth with hot water and wring out excess water.
    3. Place the heated cloth over the face for about a minute. Let the heat from the cloth soothe away any tension and allow pores to open up.
    4. Use the slightly cooled cloth to gently rub over face, neck, and eyes to remove all dirt, makeup and grime which has been loosened by the cleanser
    5. Rinse the cloth well and and repeat if necessary.
    6. Touch your skin. Notice how clean, supple and dewy soft it feels, without any tightness or irritation.
    7. For additional benefits, tone skin with our Hydrating Chi Mist, followed by a few drops of our Regenerating Face Serum.

    Care Instructions: To keep cloths sanitary, rinse cloth after every use. The lightweight quality of the GingerChi Muslin Face Cloths enables it to dry easily so mold and bacteria does not form. We recommend to machine wash the cloths regularly, preferably after 3 – 4 days of use. The cloth can be put in gentle dryer cycle or line-dried. When a build up of stains on the cloth occurs, instead of using bleach, soak the cloth overnight in lemon juice and line dry in the sun.

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