Organic Ground Ginger Root

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Digestion Health for Balance and Chi

Ginger, that fragrant root with notes of pepper and citrus, is one of the most popular spices in Asia. The best aspect of ginger is its amazing health benefits and importance to Chinese traditional medicine. It’s a major key to a healthy lifestyle.

This revered healing herb has been around for centuries. We believe in it so much we have it in our name. It is in our products not only because of its amazing properties. It also helps create balance and promote Chi

GingerChi, is proud to introduce along with their the line of natural beauty products, 100% organic Ground Ginger. Sourced from the best quality supplier from India, GingerChi’s ground ginger powder has all the flavor and qualities of fresh ginger. And Like raw ginger, ground ginger also provides a plethora of health benefits. 


100% certified organic Ginger Root.

Ginger Powder can be used for baking, cooking and in many DIY Skincare products/ Mix it in a smoothie or simply add it in hot water with some honey. Incorporating this amazing healing herb in your lifestyle, will bring balance and health to your constitution..

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Where else would you buy ginger?

The ground ginger from Ginger Chi is a superior product, better than any bulk or grocery store ground ginger. I trust they source ethically and I know they know ginger!

Thank you Ellis!

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