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100% Mulberry Silk Face Mask

$ 12.00

This lightweight Silky soft Face Mask is made with 100% Mulberry is the ultimate in luxe protection. Unlike thick multilayer cotton or polyester, the high thread count of natural silk effectively filters out particles while still being breathable. Naturally hypoallergenic and cooling, silk tends to absorb less moisture so does not dry out skin.

If your skin is suffering from irritation, breakouts and clogged pores  – the gentle, smooth cooling texture of 100% silk will bring your skin relief from dreaded 'maskne.'

Designed to fit all faces with adjustable ear loops, the folds of silk fabric of this face mask, opens up to cover the face and tuck neatly under the chin.

The high quality Mulberry silk dries quickly so can be hand washed after every use. Make sure it is completely dry before wearing.

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