With the Lunar New Year / Year of Tiger approaching on the first day of February, we thought it would be fun to shine a light on this mineral, The Tiger's Eye.

The Tiger's Eye is a semi-precious metamorphic rock in the the Quartz family and they are primarily mined in South Africa and Western Australia.

Composed chiefly of silicon dioxide, the Tiger's eye gain their silky, lustrous appearance from the inter-growth of quartz crystals. This creates a so-called ‘eye-effect’ because they enable these rocks to reflect light. 

Legend and folklore

Throughout history and across the world, Tiger’s Eye represents the power, courage, and fearlessness of the tiger in legend and folklore.

It is believed to ward off the evil eye, and to reflect back any malice or threats without absorbing any negative energy and the Roman soldiers wore engraved Tiger's eye to protect them in battle

Chinese Culture

The tiger plays a central role especially in Chinese culture. The tiger is one of the 12 zodiac animals, fundamental to Chinese astrology. The characteristic markings on the fur of its forehead, forming the Chinese character for king (4 strokes), made the tiger the king in ancient Chinese tales.

In Chinese folklore beliefs, the tiger is protecting the good, guarding it from the evil. Being a guardian spirit, Tiger’s Eye has often been carved into amulets and worn to ward off bad spirits, protecting its wearers.  

Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, the Tiger's Eye helps to
dispel fear and anxiety, in return, it boost our confidence and courage, especially when it comes to taking action. 


Tiger’s Eye relates to the planet Mars, and it balances the Solar Plexus, Heart,and Third Eye chakras. It is remarkable for balancing yin and yang energies, stimulating the rise of the kundalini energy, and bringing a joyful enthusiasm for flowing with “the river of humanity”

We hope you enjoyed this small piece of information!



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