Self Care Series #15: Face Rolling

Top beauty bloggers and vloggers to celebrities including Meghan Markle and Rachael Ray, all swear by the ancient Chinese Roller tool for its ability to tone, de-puff and brighten facial skin.

But in China, things are a lot different. The facial roller is not a new fad, but a centuries-old device with properties based around ideas in TCM.

It’s said the Empress of China used a jade face roller to maintain her youthful appearance and radiance. The semi-precious stone, considered as a symbol of beauty, grace, and longevity, has long been revered in the East for its mystical powers.

Traditionally, used to stimulate acupoints in the body, the Jade Roller can be used to roll over the myriad of acupoints on the face, could tone, detoxify, provide circulation and rejuvenate tired skin.

How to Use a Face Roller

Learning how to use a face roller can be a quick process, especially if you're serious about achieving younger-looking and more vibrant skin. Check out the simple steps below:

  1. Apply Face Serum - After cleansing your face, warm a few drops of Face Serum on your palm and apply to your face. Doing this will lubricate the face and help the roller to glide over it more smoothly. The rolling action not only stimulates the face meridians, but also helps the nutrients in the serum to penetrate and be absorbed more effectively into the layer of the skin. Repeat all of the movements 3 to 6 times or more if desired.

  2. Cheeks, forehead, jawline, and neck - Included with every GingerChi Jade Face Roller are easy-to-follow instructions on how to use a jade roller. First, using the big end of the roller, roll over larger areas of the face. With upward and outward movements, roll over the neck, cheeks, forehead, and along the jawline. For the forehead specifically, make an upward movement from the eyebrows to flatten the forehead lines. Then, from the center of the forehead, roll along the eyebrow towards the meridian point between the eye and ear.

  3. Eyes - Next, use the small end of the roller to roll over the eyebrows, following the arc of the brows to the temples. Roll under the eye area to reduce puffiness and over the fine line and creases at the outer edge of the eyes. Close your eyes and roll the smaller roller from the inner corner of the eye across the eyelid and toward the meridian point near the ear. Focus on any puffiness, crow’s feet, and wrinkles around the eye area. With the smaller roller, gently press down on the meridian point by the ear. Hold for a count of three, exhale, then repeat. This helps relax the face, relieves any tension, and is great for headaches.

  4. Nose - Still using the smaller roller, roll from the eyes down and around the base of the nose to the meridian point on its side. Gently press down on the meridian points on either side of the nose. Hold for a count of three and exhale.

  5. Chin and Lips - Switch to the larger roller. Start at the nose and roll across the cheeks to the meridian point near the ear. Roll from the center of the lips over the upper and lower lip towards the ear. From the center of the chin, sweep up toward the ear. Roll upwards from the bottom of the chin to the meridian point under the lower lip. Press down for a count of three, exhale, then repeat. Continue rolling over lines that run around the nose, mouth, and chin area.

  6. Press on meridian points - To get the full jade roller benefits, use the small end to press on the face’s meridian points as shown on the instructions provided by GingerChi. This helps activate face Chi and reveal the true jade roller beauty. The set of instructions will also provide information on how to clean jade roller.
How to Clean Jade Roller

The process on how to clean jade roller is quite simple. Simply wipe it over with a non-alcoholic wipe and make sure the Chi Roller is thoroughly dry before putting it away.

Making face rolling as part of your personal daily skin care repertoire can bring numerous positive benefits. And as

Erno Lazlo said, "Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle."

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