Self Care Series #22

From helping you get restful sleep to relieving anxiety and stress, acupressure is known to be beneficial in a number of health concerns, that can be done anywhere, anytime with just hands and fingers.

So why do we still need tools?
What can tools do that our fingers can't?

Massage tools are quite effective especially if you are dealing with deep tissue problems. While finger massages can help with superficial problems, having a quality massage tool can help with deeper underlying issues, providing a more controlled and targeted massage. 

Every GingerChi tools are designed to be used for a variety of purposes and benefits, taking in consideration with our skin in mind.

For instance, our Bian Gua Sha Massage Sticks are designed in a way that it can be rolled over acupressure points and tense muscles for instant relief of tension.

Or alternatively held like a ‘pen’ using the either end to press gently on acupressure point to stimulate Chi and relieve tension for accuracy.

Our Gua Sha Face Comb, featured in Vogue is ergonomically designed to fit the curves of the face and jawline while the wide set teeth of a comb can effectively massage the scalp. The comb can also be used on the face, giving extra stimulation to promote circulation. 

Acupoints around our eyes and mouth are more delicate and may be hard to reach.

Standing at 3 ½ inches tall with a small single stone, the "mini" is designed to fit around these areas, gliding over smaller acupoints without pulling the skin. All these may be difficult to replicate if we are relying on fingers.

We hope this article is helpful to you. Whether you are trying out a tool for the first time or have more questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

For those who are interested in learning acupressure points, in our previous, self care series, we shared "7 Acupressure techniques for a better mental health".

Have a great Memorial Weekend!

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