Your Chinese Zodiac Sign and the connection to the 5 Elements. Explained.

12 Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs

The Chinese Zodiac, a cornerstone of Chinese culture, intertwines 12 animal signs with five elemental forces to offer a nuanced astrological system that spans a 60-year cycle.

Each year is associated with a specific animal sign and one of five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water), which recur every 12 and 10 years, respectively.

These elements are believed to be the fundamental substances of everything in the universe. Each element has its own characteristics and affects the personality of the zodiac animals in different ways.

This combination provides a unique profile for individuals based on their birth year, influencing personality traits, compatibility, and fortune.

 The 12 Animals and Their Characteristics

Chinese Zodiac Date Chart

  1. Rat: Known for their intelligence and adaptability, people born in the Year of the Rat are thought to be quick-witted and resourceful.
  2. Ox: Oxen are seen as hardworking and reliable. They are believed to be strong, loyal, and steadfast in their ways.
  3. Tiger: Tigers are known for their bravery and confidence. They are adventurous spirits who are passionate and independent.
  4. Rabbit: Rabbits are considered to be gentle, quiet, and peaceful. They are diplomatic and compassionate with strong social connections.
  5. Dragon: Dragons are the only mythical animal in the Chinese zodiac. They are seen as powerful, bold, and lucky. People born in the Year of the Dragon are thought to be charismatic leaders.
  6. Snake: Snakes are considered wise and mysterious. They are introspective, strategic, and often successful.
  7. Horse: Those born in the Year of the Horse are seen as energetic and outgoing. They are popular, love freedom, and are known for their adventurous spirit.
  8. Goat (or Sheep): Known for their creativity and kindness, Goats are peaceful, mild-mannered, and sympathetic.
  9. Monkey: Monkeys are clever, curious, and inventive. They have a knack for solving complex problems with ease.
  10. Rooster: Roosters are known for being observant and hardworking. They are confident, ambitious, and enjoy being in the spotlight.
  11. Dog: Dogs are loyal, honest, and trustworthy. They are known for their sense of duty and loyalty to their loved ones.
  12. Pig: Pigs are known for their generosity and warmth. They are sincere, tolerant, and hardworking.
 The Five Elements and Their Influence

Chinese TCM - the 5 elements

  • Wood: Represents growth, vitality, and flexibility. Wood elements encourage creativity and innovation. They are associated with generosity and persistence.
  • Fire: Symbolizes energy, passion, and dynamism. Fire elements bring warmth, motivation, and enthusiasm. They are connected to leadership and assertiveness.
  • Earth: Stands for stability, reliability, and practicality. Earth elements bring a sense of grounding and focus on nurturing and dependability.
  • Metal: Represents strength, rigidity, and determination. Metal elements are associated with courage, ambition, and the ability to withstand challenges.
  • Water: Symbolizes wisdom, flexibility, and fluidity. Water elements encourage communication, intuition, and sensitivity.
What is your element

To calculate the element associated with each Chinese zodiac sign, we start at the beginning of the cycle of 60 years (12 animals x 5 elements) with the Wood Rat and goes through to the Water Pig.

We’ve simplified it for you - here are the elements associated to each animal sign according to the last number of your birth year.

  • Metal: Birth year ending in 0 or 1
  • Water: Birth year ending in 2 or 3
  • Wood: Birth year ending in 4 or 5
  • Fire: Birth year ending in 6 or 7
  • Earth: Birth year ending in 8 or 9

    Dynamic Interactions: The elements are not only linked to certain years and animals but also interact with each other in ways that can be constructive or destructive, further influencing an individual's personality and fate. For instance, Water nourishes Wood, symbolizing growth and support, while Metal cuts Wood, indicating potential conflict or challenge. These relationships can affect how individuals approach life, interact with others, and pursue their goals.

    5 element cycles

    The interplay between the different animals and elements of the Chinese zodiac creates a sophisticated system that offers a multifaceted approach to understanding personality traits, behaviors, and potential life paths. This complexity arises from the combination of the zodiac's twelve animal signs, each with its distinct characteristics, and the five elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—each adding a unique layer of traits and influences. Here's an overview of how the element types are compatible with each other:

    Wood and Water
    Compatibility: High
    Reason: Water nourishes Wood, promoting growth and vitality. This relationship is harmonious, with Water providing support and encouragement for Wood's aspirations and creative endeavors.
    Wood and Fire
    Compatibility: Good
    Reason: Wood feeds Fire, fueling its energy and drive. This pairing can be dynamic and productive, with Fire's passion and Wood's growth-oriented nature complementing each other well.
    Fire and Earth
    Compatibility: Moderate
    Reason: Fire creates Earth through ash, symbolizing a relationship where Fire can bring about transformation and new foundations for Earth. However, this relationship requires balance, as too much Fire can overwhelm Earth.
    Earth and Metal
    Compatibility: Good
    Reason: Earth contains Metal, providing a stable and supportive environment for Metal's structure and discipline. This relationship is grounded and secure, with Earth offering the nourishment and foundation that Metal needs to thrive.
    Metal and Water
    Compatibility: Moderate to Good
    Reason: Metal enriches Water by providing minerals, symbolizing a relationship where Metal can give shape and direction to Water's flow. However, the relationship needs mutual respect and understanding to avoid Metal becoming too rigid for Water's fluid nature.
    Water and Wood
    Reversal of Wood and Water compatibility, maintaining a high level of harmony.
          Interactions Involving Overcoming Relationships

          The elements also have overcoming relationships, such as Water extinguishing Fire and Metal cutting Wood. These relationships can be challenging but also offer opportunities for growth and learning if managed with awareness and care.

          To learn more about the 5 Elements and their interactions, in the realm of health according to (TCM) Traditonal Chinese Medicine, head over to our "Self Care Series #25  - Understanding 5 Elements for your health"

          Animal Zodiac Personality Traits and compatibility.

          Each animal zodiac sign also has their distinct personality traits which can also influence compatibility in relationships, friendships, and partnerships.

          chinese animal signs

          Rat 🐭 

          Best Matches: Dragon, Monkey Ox ▪️ Challenging Matches: Horse, Rooster

            Rats are intelligent and resourceful, forming dynamic and supportive relationships with Dragons and Monkeys, while Oxen provide the stability Rats admire. However, they might clash with the independent Horse and the proud Rooster.

            Ox 🐮

            Best Matches: Rat, Snake, Rooster ▪️ Challenging Matches: Goat, Horse

              Oxen are steady and reliable. They find common ground with Rats, who appreciate their loyalty, and they share mutual respect with Snakes and Roosters. Challenges arise with the whimsical Goat and the free-spirited Horse.

              Tiger 🐯

              Best Matches: Dragon, Horse, Pig ▪️ Challenging Matches: Ox, Snake

                Tigers are brave and competitive. They share adventurous spirits with Dragons and Horses, and find comfort in the Pig's supportive nature. However, the stubborn Ox and the cunning Snake can pose difficulties.

                Rabbit 🐰

                Best Matches: Goat, Dog, Pig ▪️ Challenging Matches: Rat, Dragon

                  Rabbits are gentle and peace-loving. They harmonize well with the compassionate Goat, the loyal Dog, and the generous Pig, but may struggle with the ambitious Rat and the dominant Dragon.

                  Dragon 🐲

                  Best Matches: Rat, Tiger, Rooster ▪️ Challenging Matches: Dog

                    Dragons are charismatic and confident. They form powerful alliances with Rats and Tigers, and find mutual admiration with Roosters. However, they often find the Dog's cautious nature to be limiting.

                    Snake 🐍

                    Best Matches: Ox, Rooster ▪️ Challenging Matches: Tiger, Pig

                    Snakes are wise and intuitive. They share a deep connection with Oxen and Roosters, valuing their support and shared goals. However, relationships with Tigers and Pigs can be challenging due to differing priorities.

                    Horse 🐴

                    Best Matches: Tiger, Goat, Dog ▪️ Challenging Matches: Rat, Ox

                    Horses are energetic and independent. They thrive alongside Tigers and Dogs, who share their love for freedom, and they enjoy the Goat's creativity. However, they may clash with Rats and Oxen, who have different approaches to life.

                    Goat 🐐

                    Best Matches: Rabbit, Horse, Pig ▪️ Challenging Matches: Ox, Dog

                      Goats are creative and kind. They find solace in the company of Rabbits and Pigs, and share a natural affinity with Horses. However, the pragmatic Ox and the straightforward Dog can be challenging for them.

                      Monkey 🐵

                      Best Matches: Rat, Dragon ▪️ Challenging Matches: Tiger, Pig

                      Monkeys are clever and versatile. They enjoy stimulating relationships with Rats and Dragons, who appreciate their ingenuity. However, the serious Tiger and the straightforward Pig might not always understand the Monkey's playful nature.

                      Rooster 🐔

                      Best Matches: Ox, Snake ▪️ Challenging Matches: Rabbit, Dog

                      Roosters are ambitious and meticulous. They resonate with the Ox and Snake, finding common goals and respect. However, they might find the Rabbit too passive and the Dog's loyalty challenging to their independence.

                      Dog 🐶

                      Best Matches: Rabbit, Tiger, Horse ▪️ Challenging Matches: Dragon, Goat

                      Dogs are loyal and honest. They form deep connections with Rabbits, Tigers, and Horses, appreciating their integrity and shared values. However, the Dog may find the Dragon too domineering and the Goat too detached from reality.

                      Pig 🐷

                      Best Matches: Tiger, Rabbit, Goat ▪️ Challenging Matches: Snake, Monkey

                      Pigs are generous and warm-hearted. They share joyful and supportive relationships with Tigers, Rabbits, and Goats, but may encounter misunderstandings with the more reserved Snake and the mischievous Monkey.

                       Chinese Astrology Prediction Oracle

                      Beyond personality analysis, the interplay between animals and elements in the Chinese zodiac is also used to predict future trends and advise on suitable actions. For example, knowing that a year is governed by the element of Fire could suggest a time of high energy and potential conflict, advising individuals to exercise caution or seize opportunities for leadership.


                      Embracing the year of the Wood Dragon

                      The Wood Dragon year of 2024, according to the Chinese zodiac, combines the ambitious and authoritative traits of the Dragon with the growth-oriented and expansive qualities of the Wood element. This unique blend can influence various aspects of life. 

                      What we might expect in the year of 2024? The Wood Dragon combination fuels personal growth and innovation, strengthened social connections, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing.

                      Anticipate a surge in entrepreneurial ventures and innovative projects due to the boldness of the Dragon and creativity of the Wood. Financial growth opportunities arise, but caution against extravagance; long-term investments are advised.

                      The Wood Dragon year supports health and vitality, encouraging new health routines or diets, but requires mindfulness to manage stress effectively. Balance is the key.

                        Wood dragon

                        Overall, the Wood Dragon year of 2024 is expected to bring dynamic energy, growth, and transformation across various aspects of life. Embracing the positive qualities of the Dragon and the Wood element while being mindful of their challenges can help individuals and communities navigate the year successfully.

                        Kung Hei Fat Choi! Wishing you a joyous and prosperous Lunar New Year of the Wooden Dragon! May this auspicious occasion bring you abundant health, happiness, and prosperity!

                        As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We love to hear from you.

                        With love and good Chi,

                        Anna xxx


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