Put your Jade Roller on ice

Has the summer put your skin on a roller coaster ride?

Having grown up in the tropics, I have always preferred the heat of summer to winter. But when the thermometer hits 90-100 degrees, there's no other choice but to flip on the AC for some relief.

I'm either sweltering...or freezing. These extremes in temperatures can cause havoc on the skin. From feeling dehydrated to oily, enlarged pores and more breakouts - it's a never ending roller coaster ride! Not to mention the humidity and the effects of mask wearing!

Even creases around my eyes seem to be getting deeper. Is it from all that squinting in the sunlight? And sun spots - are they becoming more prominent?! 

What’s a gal to do?

Chill out 

Here's a super solution for summer skin!

Start by grabbing a bunch of ice cubes and making a refreshing ginger drink, Check out the recipes here. This helps to cool your body and bring it back into balance.

Take a tool or several facial tools. I usually grab the jade gua sha, jade roller, jade mini roller and jade eye mask and place them in the refrigerator.


You may ask, just jade? Which tool is best for me - the gua sha or the roller? Jade roller or Rose Quartz Roller? And what about the Bian?

In fact, they all work as it comes down to technique.


Whether it's the rolling, gliding or lifting of the stones over the skin - all gives the face the "workout" benefits it needs. It also enables the nutrients from the serum, applied beforehand, to penetrate deeper. 

Facial Tool Selection


As the name implies, you gently roll the Roller over the face in upwards and outward movements. The bigger stone is used over larger areas of the face while the smaller roller fits around the nose and eye area.

The term Gua sha means 'scraping' tool. Healers in China use it over the areas of the body where there is pain or fever. The quick back and forth (scraping) of the stone over the skin helps move stagnant blood to the surface to enable detoxification. You may have seen images on the internet of this rather scary sight!

Today, we use the carved piece of jade to gently glide over skin to lift, push, tone and iron out fine lines and wrinkles.

At the end of the day, the type of stone, roller or gua sha is one's personal choice


Stones have certain properties which one can can tap into them though meditation. For example the rose quartz represents self love and healing. Jade related to the liver meridian, represents protection and balance. The Bian stone formed when a meteorite hit China, thousands of years ago. Carved into a point and heated, it is the precursor of acupuncture.

My preference happens to be Jade. It is the original stone used in China and has properties that helps it remain cool longer.

Relax and remedy

When you are ready to start, retrieve the tools from the refrigerator and place them them in a bowl of ice (this is to keep them cool).

You don't want to miss this important step - make sure to cleanse your face of grime, sweat, and ingrained dirt before you start. Otherwise all efforts will be wasted.

For a thorough clean, I use the GingerChi gentle Rice Bran Cleanser. Mix it with GingerChi purifying Oil Cleanser and massage over face for a gentle exfoliation. Check out how to get the best clean here

After patting your face dry, apply a few drops of your favorite Serum of Face Oil. I use GingerChi Regenerating Serum and apply it all over my face and neck. This helps the tools glide over the face and prevent friction that can pull on the skin.

Now you are ready to roll (...glide, and lift..)


1.Taking a chilled roller or guasha, wipe it dry. Using light pressure, start by stimulating the lymph nodes. Using the gua sha flat against the skin, slide it from behind the ear, down the neck to lymph nodes at the collar bone. Do this several times and repeat on the other side. The cooling relief and gentle pressure feels amazing.

2. Next, glide it from the collar bone up the sides of the neck to the jawline. Then up and over the jawline to the cheekbones on both sides. Do each movement 5 to 8 times on each side of the face.

3. Use the pointed end of the gua sha to make circular movements around the chin area. Move it back and forth over the mouth - working on the corners where a bunch of muscles meet. This helps smooth out the fine lines around the mouth.

4. Sweep the gua sha from the nose and across the cheek to the temples, opening and lifting the face. Iron across the under-eye area, over the crows feet towards the temples.

5. On the forehead, glide the guasha or roller in a vertical upward movement, from left to right and then back again. Start from the line of the eye brow to the hairline, concentrating on the furrows in the center.

You should now feel a little tingling. Your face might be a little flushed with fresh blood coming to the surface. Do you feel cooled down? Have you given your face enough of a workout?

6. If so, spritz all over (yes even the body) with refreshing and soothing GingerChi Chi Mist. To finish off, we focus on the eye area as especially in the summer, water retention can cause puffy eyes and dark circles. Dot a few drops of Eye Concentrate Oil around the under-eye area. Using the chilled Jade Mini Roller, roll from the inner eye to the outer eye, towards the temple.

Now for the grand finale and the most relaxing stage. Take the Jade Eye Mask — chilled to perfection— wipe it dry and place over the eyes.

After the initial oooh! from the cold…the sensation is heavenly! The weight and the coolness of the jade mask balances and calms the entire body. Lay with the mask on over your eyes as long as you like. You may even doze off… which is great if it happens to be your bedtime. You will have the best night’s sleep, ever. Guaranteed.

Note: All GingerChi Facial tools come with a easy to follow comprehensive instructions.


Not only will the icy tools feel good on your skin but they also provide all these benefits:

    • Enhances skin elasticity, tightening and toning facial muscles
    • Helps refine pores
    • Evens skin tone
    • Reduces puffiness and dark circles around eyes
    • Helps de stress facial tension and reduce the appearance of fine lines
    • Improves blood flow
    • Aids in elimination of toxins, reducing stress and inflammation
    • Assists lymphatic drainage
    • Supports product absorption
    • Improves sinus conditions and congestion

Tips to remember

1.It’s crucial to cleanse well before the use of any facial tools or your efforts will not be as effective.

2. Always apply a serum or face oil for lubrication as well as better absorption of nutrients. Take advantage of the free sample of our Regenerating Face Serum, which come with all our Facial Tool.

3. More importantly — protect that precious skin of yours. Wear sunscreen during the day when you are out about!


Take care, stay cool and be safe.

With love and good Chi,

Anna xxx