The New York Times:
How to Run a Bath That Feels Like a Spa Treatment

New York Times writer, Karu Molvar came up with five restorative bath recipes to try at home — whether you want to refresh your skin, relax your muscles or simply unplug from the world outside right now. She had selected GingerChi Penetrating Relief Oil as part of her bath recipes.

Read her full article here:

As seen in article:

Formally known as Penetrating Relief Roll On, we changed the label to more eco-friendly material and gave it a new name: Pain Relief Treatment Oil. The good stuff inside is still the same - The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of Ginger and the amazing benefits of Plai, stimulate Chi to help alleviate indigestion, respiratory congestion, muscle aches, joint pain and soothe skin irritation.

❤️ At Ginger Chi, our mission is to help you feel beautiful and balanced inside and out.
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