Self Care Series #17:
Vitamin C Skincare

When it comes to hard-working ingredients, GingerChi's Vital C+ is the backbone of a solid skincare routine.

One of the most potent topical antioxidant, topical vitamin C is a science-backed, dermatologist-favorite ingredient that may help slow early skin aging, prevent sun damage, and improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and acne.

Skin Protection, Combat Toxins & Brightens Skin
Clinical studies have shown that combining vitamin C with other topical ingredients, namely ferulic acid and vitamin E, can diminish redness and help protect the skin from long-term damage caused by harmful sun rays when used alongside sunscreen.

Harmful free radicals (toxins) that come in contact with your skin from external sources like air pollution, or from inside the body, damages skin.

By applying Vital C+, it neutralizes free radical damage and help protect the skin against UV light and other environmental aggressors by blocking abnormal production of pigmentation to even and brighten skin tone. It also reduces the appearance of dark spots by blocking the production of pigment in our skin.

3 Months to Improve Wrinkles 
Vital C+ can also improve wrinkles. A daily use of a vitamin C for at least 3 months has shown to improve the appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles on the face and neck, as well as improved overall skin texture and appearance.

Stimulating & Stabilizing Collagen
It also plays a vital part of the collagen synthesis process, helping collagen cross-link and support skin firmness. It doesn't just stimulate collagen production; it stabilizes the collagen you have, leading to overall wrinkle reduction.

Using Vital C+

GingerChi Vital C+ is best used in the morning before heading out for the day, for free radical protection against pollution and UV rays. Make sure it is fully absorbed before applying a Face Oil, Moisturizer and most importantly, UV protection.

While GingerChi Vital C+ is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid as a 4th ingredient, as with any topical Vitamin C, you may experience a mild tingling sensation. Cushioning it with Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid AFTER applying Vital C+ will help further relief irritation and boost moisture. You could also choose to begin applying it every other day, and if tolerated you may apply it daily.

GingerChi Vital C + is 98% naturally derived 
72% organic ingredients with a 20% stabilized vitamin C

We hope you'll enjoy this new product!

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