The best defense is always a good offense

The uppermost layer of our skin is our armor against the harsh elements of the world. 

Naturally, as we age, our skin does its very best to replenish its own collagen. But that constant wear-and-tear tires our largest organ out and eventually, we all start to notice those dreaded fine lines and loss of elasticity. 

Discoloration. A few dark spots here-and-there. A crease that seems to suddenly appear out of nowhere and never. Goes. Away.

It happens to all of us. It will happen to all of us.

(And yes, even those photoshopped beauties we’re bombarded with every day have a spot they have yet to make complete peace with).

But too often, initial panic sets in, and we find ourselves reaching for anything and everything on the shelf in desperate hopes of preventing or erasing this natural aging process.

Please don't do that!

We know what that approach can lead to – harsh, over-drying effects of exceedingly strong formulations and a much lighter wallet. Meanwhile, we could be left with even more damage and accelerated aging.

At GingerChi, we’re all about accepting the beauty that comes with aging. 
But we’re also quite cognizant of how a balanced, natural skincare regimen not only prolongs the supple beauty of our skin – it also helps keep it healthy and elastic for decades to come.

That’s why we set out to create our very own retinol formula that laser-targets the most common areas of concern with powerful exfoliants, whilst delivering nourishing hydrating into our skin so it stays moist and supple throughout the day.

Ginger Chi Age Defying Retinol is a one-two punch to take on aging.

Formulated with natural botanicals and containing a whopping 2.5% Retinol, it's packed with the all of the proven benefits of Vitamin A-derived Retinol, combined with the deep empidermis-penetrating effects we love in Hyaluronic Acid. 

Great news for your skin and your wallet.
It's the closest we can get to a little bit of secret retouching without opening a photo filter or visiting the dermatologist for a prescription-grade retinol.

The 2.5% Retinol helps slough away the dead skin and discoloration and the Hyaluronic acid delivers skin-plumping moisture to prevent excessive drying.

Working together, this hero combo helps brighten skin, soften wrinkles and improve overall texture and tone WITHOUT risking moisture loss or having to endure that dry, ‘treated’ feeling. 

Applied regularly, this formula also helps unclog pores and, over time, will increase collagen production by stimulating our skin’s natural functions.

Light in texture, it can be used as a spot treatment or a serum without risk of irritation.

For most people, however, this Age-Defying Retinol formula will be powerful enough. It's a slow and steady process, but you can keep those unwanted lines and spots at-bay with regular application.

As with any Retinol product, for best results you should use this product regularly. After a few weeks, as your skin begins the rejuvenation process, you'll begin to notice smoother texture, lightening of splotchy pigmentation and a plump, refreshing glow. 

Give it a try for yourself.

Don’t drive yourself crazy grabbing every “miracle” cure off the shelf. 

Stick with the proven science backing Age Defying Retinol+ Hyaluronic Acid, and see for yourself how the perfect balance of beauty and health can be achieved by trusting in natural extracts and proven science.

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