Herbology: Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy, also known as Moroccan Tansy (Tanacetum Annuum), is a cousin of the Chamomile family. 

These cute yellow, button-like flowers contains high chamazulene and low thujone content when extracted via steam distillation. It is during this process that Blue Tansy's vivid deep blue color develops.

They are however not to be confused with the oil from common tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) which is not blue.

Highly praised for its calming effects amongst aromatherapy practitioners, Blue Tansy's sweet and softly diffusive herbaceous aroma, are best known for its relaxation inducing properties.

Particularly beneficial for allergies and asthma– blue tansy can be used effectively as an inhalant to relieve respiratory discomfort, making it the perfect go-to when those pesky allergy seasons roll through.

In TCM, Blue Tansy calms Liver Chi Stagnation – Liver Chi (Energy) stagnation, often shows up as emotional irritability, anger and frustration. This little powerful plant may help soothe and harmonize this energy by using their herbaceous aroma to help move excess energy.

When it comes to using it for skin, Blue Tansy is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties as it also contains two other major compounds — sabinene and camphor. These two compounds have displayed numerous and complementary benefits for inflamed and reactive skin conditions.

Some aestheticians swear by its healing properties as a potential skin care application to wound healing and anti inflammatory effect to help soothe troubled or irritated skin.

Some radiologists have also employed spritzer bottles containing water and Blue Tansy oil to help treat skin for burns. 

Emotionally, Blue Tansy supports high self-esteem and boosts in confidence.

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