Herbology: Ginger

Ginger is a healing herb used extensively in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

It has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of numerous ailments, such as colds, nausea, arthritis, migraines, and hypertension. The medicinal, chemical, and pharmacological properties of ginger have been extensively reviewed.

There are many ways to take and use Ginger.

You can take it as a tea or use it as an ingredient to cook your food. Ginger works wonders for digestion. Not only does it help increase the production of saliva and other intestinal fluids that aid digestion but, as a result, it also alleviates indigestion, flatulence, and tummy grumbles. Ginger can also be used to help relieve nausea, morning sickness and motion sickness, and can even ease headaches and sore throats, and help relieve congestion and clear your sinuses. It’s the natural cold remedy that tastes great, too!

Ginger provides numerous health and beauty benefits.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ginger is known for its ‘yang’ properties, which can help bring balance to our constitution. Warm and spicy, Ginger supports the flow of Chi throughout the body by stimulating both the immune and circulatory systems, boost and sustain energy levels, awaken the mind, and soothe the digestive system.

Proper flow of Chi is essential to optimal health and beauty.

When distilled as an oil, Fresh Ginger can be incorporated effectively into skin and body care formulas.

Fresh Ginger oil is the key ingredient most of our products.

Benefits of Ginger in Body Care

Ginger is detoxifying and it boosts immunity and stimulates the circulation. The improved circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the skin which can improves its appearance. In TCM, the yang qualities in Ginger help stimulate Chi, addressing imbalances, indigestion, respiratory congestion, muscle aches, joint pain and soothe skin irritation. There is also popular belief that Ginger eliminates the toxins that lead to cellulite. Therefore, it is often included in cellulite-reducing formulas. 

Fresh Ginger Oil is featured in our Lavender & Ginger Body Oil, Pain Relief Oil, Detox Bath SaltsFresh Ginger & Lime Soap

Benefits of Ginger in Skin Care

High in antioxidants, Ginger provides natural protection against free radicals, safeguarding the skin from harm as well provide anti-aging benefits. Ginger is also know to help minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation, reduce inflammation, and improve the radiance of the skin by removing dullness. The warming capability of Ginger is thought to improve circulation by energizing the skin.  

Ginger is antiviral and antibacterial and helps reduces inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help to prevent acne eruptions. Ginger is also antiseptic and cleansing which helps to keep the skin clean and free of blemishes.

You can find Fresh Ginger Oil in our Regenerating Face Serum, Blue Tansy Balance Oil, Ginger Peppermint Lip Oil, and Purifying Cleansing Oil

Benefits of Ginger in Hair & Scalp Care

Ginger is yang energy in TCM, stimulating circulation and increasing the blood flow to the scalp. This in turn, fortifies the hair follicles, triggering new hair growth. It also helps protect and condition dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

Fresh Ginger combined with Rosemary Oil makes our Ginger Rosemary Hair & Scalp Oil a potent formula.

Benefits of Ginger for Wellness
Ginger is renowned for its impressive antimicrobial properties. It contains gingerol, a bioactive compound that is potent against a wide array of harmful bacteria and fungi. Here's why incorporating ginger into your routine can be a gamechanger:
  • Fights Infections: Harboring the ability to combat several infections, ginger can keep harmful bacteria at bay, ensuring your health and wellbeing.
  • Promotes Oral Health: Ginger’s ability to inhibit the growth of oral pathogens makes it a natural alternative for maintaining dental health.
Beyond its antimicrobial prowess, ginger is also a powerful analgesic. It can effectively help soothe and manage pain, offering a natural alternative to synthetic painkillers. Read on to discover how ginger's analgesic properties can enhance your wellness:
  • Alleviates Pain: From headaches to menstrual pain, ginger can aid in easing various forms of discomfort.
  • Eases Arthritic Pain: Its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.
Ginger can stimulate the immune response and help strengthen your body's natural defenses against illness. Plus, its warming effect can also help alleviate symptoms of the common cold and flu.

Ginger is vital in maintaining balance and well being. That's why we offer our Organic Ground Ginger, and special bends of tea to fortify the immune system and soothe digestion. Ginger is in our Oral Detox Oil Pulling Blend for detox and oral health and Ginger Pain Relief to release tension in sore muscles.

With so many health and beauty benefits as well as representing the yang component in the flow of Chi, you can understand why Ginger is such a big component in our formulas and why it is incorporated in our name. We hope this article has inspired you to incorporate ginger in your lives as well.


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