Self Care Series #9
Show your boobies more love

October Breast Cancer Awareness month. This week, we'd like to share some ways on how to take good care of your twins because they deserve love.

Self Exam
We can't stress on this enough. One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, and nearly 40,000 women lose their lives to the disease each year.
Unfortunately, breast cancer does not distinguish. Checking your breasts regularly especially among those with a family history of cancer, can help with early detection and the disease is likely to be more treatable. 

Go Natural
From household to personal care products. The less chemicals you use, the more you'll reduce your risk of breast cancer as toxic overexposure plays a large role in cancer development.

Dry Brushing
Dry brushing helps exfoliating the skin which helps to remove dirt, sebum and oil build-up from your pores and keep the acne at bay. It also helps to promote blood circulation in the chest region and drain stagnant lymph fluid and subside swelling.

Moisturize + Massage
The skin around our breasts is prone to drying out due to temperature change and clothes friction. One of the ways to ensure a healthy flow of Chi and maintain breast heath is self-massage with a massage oil.


These exercises (above) used in conjunction with a mushroom stone, activates the meridians to help bring fresh blood and nutrition to tissues, and releasing toxins via the lymphatic system. 

Regular breast massage helps women become familiar with their breasts, improving their ability to feel abnormalities if they do occur.  It also prevents them from sagging.



Our GingerChi Breast Oil is a highly therapeutic blend, with pumpkin seed, baobab, fresh ginger, cypress, grapefruit and other powerful essential oils which helps naturally lift and firm the breast and décolletage as well as assist with hormonal balance and detoxification of tissue.

Cold water Spray
If you have a hand shower, splash some cold water on your breasts in circular motions. This method helps to stimulate blood circulation and promote cellular exchange. Not to mention, tighten the tissues of your breast by making them firmer. 

We hope you take time to take care of yourself. It is a woman’s tendency to prioritize the needs of others over themselves.

We encourage women to dedicate more time for self-care. Connecting with your body through self-massage is a self-care ritual that not only relieves tension but can also help with early detection. Our Women’s Wellness Oils are specifically designed to revitalize Chi and address the well-being of the whole body.

During BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, purchase any GingerChi Woman Wellness Oils - Pelvic, Tummy, or Breast Oil and receive a complimentary Bian Mushroom Stone. Heat the stone in hot water for a soothing self-massage. (Offer does not apply to Chakra sets. No code necessary.)

20% of your purchase will go to Living Beyond Breast Cancer to support those affected by this devastating disease.

Thank you.

Take care and be well.

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