The art of sustainable gift-wrapping

Year after year, million upon million pounds of gift-wrapping paper are stuffed into garbage bags and added to mountains of landfill.

At GingerChi, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint impact and always looking for ways to create more sustainability especially when it comes to packaging.

This holiday season, besides introducing our very own fabric Furoshiki bag, we wanted to share some sustainable ways to gift-wrap.

There are many ways to wrap a gift that is both beautiful and eco-friendly and will make gift-giving so much more special. Here are a few of our favorites.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping ideas

1. Use fabric to make your reusable gift bags. It’s easy and inexpensive and you can even use scraps of fabric from other projects. Use live plant clippings to decorate.

fabric packaging


Using fabric to wrap things is a tradition called Furoshiki. Originating in Japan around 710 BC, this sustainable technique of using pieces of fabric to wrap essential goods and treasures in temples is still in existence today has always inspired us.

Introducing the GingerChi Furoshiki Bag


Our new Furoshiki bag is made with recycled polyester. We launched this sustainable bag in the holiday season as it is ideal for wrapping small precious gifts and stocking stuffers.

We love this usable bag as it makes for the perfect little stylish carryall for makeup essentials, jewelry, travel toiletries, and a whole host of other personal items.

2. Use brown paper instead of traditional wrapping paper. Brown paper is cheaper and more environmentally friendly because it can be recycled more than once before it starts to look worn out. 


3. Use and recycle existing packing material like bubble wrap, our reusable GingerChi Linen drawstring bags, tissue paper, and brown paper from other packages to protect delicate items.


4. Using old magazines or newspapers. Not only does this make your gifts  look unique, the paper can be reused and is a cost-effective way to wrap presents.

sustainable gift wrapping with magazine and maps


5. Use old boxes as a base for your present, then cover them with tissue paper or other materials that match the occasion such as ribbon or tulle. Even using  cooking string can be creatively use to make to your gifts look unique.

sustainable gift wrapping using existing boxes


We hope you enjoyed our ideas on sustainable packaging and will try them out.

Wishing you Chi-filled Happy Holidays!


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