September 22nd marked the official 2022 Fall equinox when both poles are lined up with equal distance from the sun, creating perfect balance between the lengths of day and night.

Both equinoxes - spring and fall are nature’s way of rebalancing, creating universal harmony.

Fall signals the transformation of the active outward-going yang energy of summer to the cooler, quieter and more inner-focused yin phase.

As temperatures drop, and days become shorter, the feeling of dryness, contraction and moving inward starts to becomes more apparent. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Five Element theory, fall represent Metal, which corresponds with the lungs and the large intestine. The lung, categorized as a yin organ and large intestine a yang organ, play a duo role in expanding, to take in, and contracting to let go.

In nature we see trees letting go of leaves, conserving energy for the winter ahead. It is also a time for us to eliminate what is weighing us down physically and emotionally, in order for us to stay balanced and healthy as we transition into the colder months.

This is the season when we are more susceptible to respiratory and digestion issues as well as sadness.


TIP #1: BREATHE. Take in long deep breaths that fills your lungs and belly, followed by a long slow exhales. Most of us don’t breathe properly but a few deep breaths can work miracles for mood, memory, energy levels and the immune system. Meditation, along with deep breathing exercises helps strengthen the lungs, release grief and cultivate inner stillness and peace. The energy of the lungs is ‘letting go.’

TIP #2: TAKE A BRISK 10-MINUTE WALK. Walking helps your body feel energized, especially after long periods of sitting and stagnation.

Go for a walk outdoors and soak in the fall colors. The cool crisp air filling the body will help strengthen the lungs, bring about mental clarity, emotional tranquility and revitalize Chi. 

Note: wear as scarf as fall is associated the element ‘wind.’ According to TCM, wind entering via the neck can be the cause of ‘100’ diseases.

TIP #3: EAT FALL FOODS. As the season becomes colder and damp, avoid cooling foods like salads and raw foods. Consume heartier soups and stews and foods that nourish lung Chi - like sweet potatoes, cabbage, pears, walnuts, rice, cinnamon, leeks, beans asparagus, broccoli, apples and grapes.

Herbs such ginger, garlic, onions, chili, cinnamon, black pepper help stimulate and fortify the system.

Because the season can be drying – cucumbers, celery, pears, apple, plums and grapes help provide water content.

Support the large intestines with flax seed, yoghurt, oatmeal and Chia seeds.

To reduce phlegm, cut down on dairy, sugar and wheat. Support your immune system by taking Quercetin supplements, eat vegetables such as mustard greens, dandelion leaves and drink tea with licorice and goji berries.

TiP #4: EAT SOMETHING CRUNCHY. Yes, hard to believe but eating crunchy foods makes your jaw work harder, which makes your facial muscles wake up and you’ll feel more alert. We prefer healthy carrots, celery or a nice crisp apple for our crunch.

Apples also support lung health. The flavonoid in apple skin reduces damaging airway inflammation and helps strengthen tissues lining the lungs. Maybe there's something to the saying: 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' especially come fall.

TIP #5: EAT FREQUENTLY. Taking long breaks between meals can leave you feeling lethargic and in need of a nap. Keep health snacks close by, and try and eat every four hours to keep your energy at optimum levels throughout the day and night.

TIP #6: TAKE RELAXING BATHS. During this cooler and damp season, maintain inner body heat by taking more hot baths if possible, and drink  warming and nourishing teas.

A therapeutic warm bath with ginger, and or salt can help reduce the epidemic of prostate cancer, or female problems such as fibroid tumors. Stress also contributes to lower body temperature, especially in the lower extremities. Heat and stress energy accumulates mostly in the upper body, compromising the lower body.

TIP #7: AROMATHERAPY. Studies have shown that certain blends of essential oils can increase the productions of endorphins and revitalize the senses as quickly as three seconds. Using aromatherapy in your bath or shower in the morning helps stimulate your energy level and provides you with a good start to the day.

Essential oils such as any of the Citrus Oils: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Petitgrain, Neroli, or Bergamot, known as ‘happy oils’ helps put you in a positive mood and boosts your energy These essential oils can be found in our Stress Relief Roll-on, GingerChi Bath & Shower Infusion and GingerChi Coconut Ginger Sugar scrub.

Other oils, which help provide energy and clarity, are Peppermint and Rosemary - found in our Chi Boost Energy Stick. Apply the roll-on to pressure points throughout the day to combat fatigue!

TIP #8: DETOX. Dry brushing is perfect for detoxing. Not only does this technique revitalize energy but also exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes lymphatic drainage, crucial to a healthy immune system and fighting infection.

Use the courser Sisal Dry Brush to effectively exfoliate away dead skin cells and the softer Jute Dry Brush to stimulate the lymphatic system. Made with soft Jute fiber this dry brush is specifically designed to facilitate a healthy immune system by stimulating lymphatic flow.

Try the ancient Ayurvedic practice of Oil Pulling. Swishing a spoonful of GingerChi Oral Detox around the mouth for about 20 minutes stimulates glands, to help detoxify the body, maintain oral health and improve overall Chi.

A gentle cleanse with GingerChi's CleanseChi tea with green tea and senna will do wonders for the body.  Specially blended to help support and regulate the body's natural purification system.

TIP #9: HARNESS CHI TO FIND BALANCE. Imbalance shows up in our bodies in the form of skin inflammation, eczema, constipation, diarrhea, allergies, sinus infections, coughs and colds. This is caused by stagnation and blockage of Chi. It is vital to keep Chi flowing through physical movement.

Dance. Nothing is like shaking your booty to your favorite song to wake up your entire body, and it only takes a few minutes to feel alive and full of joy.

Regular yoga or gentle stretching helps with flexibility and stiffness in joints and provides an overall sense of well-being

One quick and simple ritual every morning which we recommend is the 5 Tibetan Rites. This amazing 20-minute routine give you a great start and can provide on going energy throughout the day! For slower paced meditative movement, try Tai Chi or Chi Kung.

Note: Practice these exercises outdoors in nature to absorb the Chi from the environment.

Regular Tui-Nah Massage and Acupuncture treatments can help maintain balance, avoid stagnation and regulate the flow of vital Chi.

TIP #10: LETTING GO. Take stock of what you have in your life. Fall is the perfect time to go through and clean out closets, your email inbox, kitchen drawers, the refrigerator. The list goes on. Discard what is no longer needed - pare down, donate and organize. Get rid of what’s not working physically (and mentally).

If it is too overwhelming, do a little bit at a time. Spend half and hour every day and before you know it you will be surprised how much can get accomplished.

Note: Journaling is a good way to help organize your thoughts and emotions so that you can start processing what the blockages that are in your life and begin to dispel them.

Let go of the ‘old’  and bring in new energy and new possibilities.

 woman enjoying the fall

Hope you you enjoyed these tips and will use them in your daily life.  Have a healthy, happy Fall :)

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