Herbology: Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran oil (known as Kang You in TCM) provides excellent hydration and anti-aging properties. Extracted from the bran (the outer husk of the brown rice grain), this oil is very rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential oils. 

Gold in color, it’s naturally a bit cloudy in its appearance. But that’s only because it contains so many nourishing vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential oils. 

Rice Bran oil is perfect for dry, sensitive, mature and delicate skin. It’s actually a rather light oil though, so it’s easily absorbed and not likely to increase overall oiliness on skin. In fact, the linoleic-rich oil also makes it suitable for acne-prone skin. 

Rice Bran oil also contains Gamma(γ)-oryzanol which is a naturally occuring combination of plant sterols and esters that act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.  Along with its very high percentage of fatty acids (mostly omega-6 fatty acids) it’s packed with antioxidants like beta-carotene and lycopene which can help to stave off the harsh effects of environmental stressors.

In TCM, the oil is often used to treat skin fungal infection. This is likely due to the presence of a key metabolite component called squalenem which also occurs naturally in human sebum (the oil our skin produces to keep us hydrated and maintain its protective barrier). 

Alleviating irritation, speeding up the healing process, it also has the added benefit of inhibiting melanin pigmentation.

Last but not least to be found in this amazing moisturizing base, Rice Bran oil contains a ton of Vitamins B and E; natural emollients to hydrate and protect your skin, and enzymes like CoQ10 – all which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle, leaving your skin with a healthy, youthful glow.

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