Self-Worth for Mother Earth

🌍 Everything in life is a circle. This is the essence of Zen. Sometimes, when we're running around in frenzied circles we forget that it's all those little circles that affect the whole.

At GingerChi, we believe it’s Earth Year all-year, every year! Here are a couple of tips and thoughts on how to live with more beautiful, natural, planet-promoting balance at home, work, and wherever your travels may take you. 

1. Re-examine Routines

Everything we do is a routine. Washing our face is a routine. Exfoliating our skin speeds up the skin's own routine of replacing it with healthier skin.

Not unlike the natural cycles of the planet and weather and on and on.
This is the essence of reinvention.

A few simple everyday beauty routine practices can go a long way to impacting the health of our planet…

We all know little things like shutting off the water whilst washing and exfoliating saves precious fresh water. And how reusing glass bottles and even well-cleaned and sanitized plastic spray adapters can save them from a life wasting away in landfills.

Even washing your face with a facial cloth helps save water. It’s also an eco friendly option for removing your make up.

Fresh-thinking and creativity not only helps in our daily beauty routines, it’s what the entire world needs right now as we face an eco-threatened future.

2. Rethinking Natural

Choosing natural products is a great way to help support the health of the planet. But we can all go a step further by choosing ingredients and drawing from resources that are more sustainably managed.

Some things to keep in mind when shopping include finding certifications, reading up on firsthand stories from the source, and always seeking to look past greenwashing and inauthentic marketing.

When we source materials, as an industry, we should make as much effort as we can to ensure what we take away is both sustainably managed and that the materials are respected.

Whenever you buy a GingerChi Jade Tool, you will always find a certificate number that proves that its authencity.

3. Respire

Pollution levels are on the rise around the world. And at home, plastics and electronics and other materials can give off unhealthy yet rarely or barely detectable chemical exhausts. It may not seem like much, but simply surrounding yourself with more vibrant greenery and plants can not only boost your mood and energy levels – plants also help filter toxic contaminants. 🏭

If you’re looking for some of these best toxin-zapping plants for your home or office, we suggest picking up a few of these easy-to-care-for beauties. Here are some of our favorites: 💕

Good ol’ pothos. This plant is one of the heartiest out there and they’re proven to filter large amounts of carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde toluene and benzene. A low light-living tropical vine, just water it when dry and it’ll keep growing and growing. They’re also very easy to propagate by clipping the leaves.

Aloe Vera
One of the simplest succulents to grow, aloe is best known for the fresh cooling sap you can apply directly to skin abrasions and sunburn. That's why it's in some of our Ginger Chi lotions and soaps. What’s less known is that this little sun-lover is a pro at filtering chemical pollutants in the air. Be sure to use a catcus-specific potting mix and leave it bright, bright sun.

Snake Plant
The winner for minimal maintenance, snake plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen all night long. They’re perfect for low light spaces and require nothing but regular watering whenever the soil is dry.

4. Replenish Sustainably

We believe it’s Earth Year all-year, every year!.

Buying in bulk, in complete sets, and choosing reusable bottles and containers over smaller impulse purchases goes a long way to help Mother Earth.
Many independent shops might also offer deals if you ask.

At GingerChi, we’re happy to work with our customers and can refill bottles or work with you to ship larger custom sizes upon request!

Our planet is faced with so many challenges that will affect our world in the coming decades. Choosing a balanced and healthy lifestyle that minimizes our ecological footprint ensures our ecosystem stays healthy for future generations.

Let's all take care of our planet and each other!

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