Ideal Tips and Tricks for Nail Care in Lockdown

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Nails in need of some R & R? 

Trips to the nail salon, which we use to take for granted - now has sadly left nail care regimen in our own hands. But don’t fret, this may even be a good thing.

Cracked brittle nails, dry and peeling cuticles, hands feeling like sandpaper has become a problem for all of us during the pandemic due to constant hand washing. Not to mention alcohol-based hand sanitizers stripping your hands and nails of their natural oils.

With an indefinite lockdown and all the extra time (on your hands), why not give your nails some TLC and a much needed break from the never-ending cycle of dip, grow, soak, repeat?

A good manicure is hard to come by, but with no one to impress with your French tips, isolation is perfect for getting your nails back to their original healthy state. But with all the hand washing, sanitizing, cleaning and our poor hands and nails a little worse for wear….what’s a gal to do?


Try these 7 at home Beauty Tips for Healthy Nails


1. No cuticle cutters required

One of the most important things you can do for healthy nails is to not to cut your cuticles. Cutting cuticles can make the skin grow tougher and more jagged (leading to more hangnails). Instead of cutting them, apply cuticle oil regularly and gently push them back into the nail bed.


2. Cuticle Oil is Your BFF

Cuticle oil is to nails what water is to your skin. Absolutely essential! And we have the best. We'll reveal why later. After too much hand washing, cleaning, cold weather, hot water… our skin dries out and our nails become brittle. Dry skin leads to hangnails, chipped nail beds, breakage, and inhibits growth. There’s no better time than now when your cuticles are craving for some TLC to massage in a few drops of your our cuticle oil and slip into a pair of gloves and continue on with your best quarantined life (We'll be showing you how).


3. It's better with Glass 

Unlike regular nail files which can rip and leave nail edges rough, we recommend glass ones which have a gentler grit, are safer on nails, and are easier to handle. File in a single direction. Filing your nails regularly keeps the edge of the nail smooth and less likely to catch, tear, or rip during everyday activities. With glass nail files you can also easily wash and sanitize between uses.


4. Working while you sleep

The nighttime hours are perfect for locking in moisture, making your nails not only looks better, but also grow faster, and break less. After dispensing cuticle oil, slip into a pair of gloves (and socks! don’t forget your toes!) and let the magic happen while you dream away.


5. You are what you eat

We understand. It’s lockdown, social distancing and we’re all getting cabin fever but you know what they say – you (your skin and nails) are what you eat. Nails are made out of keratin (the same as your hair) so look for foods that enhance and strengthen keratin growth. Fruits, lean meats, leafy greens, salmon, eggs, nuts, and whole grains can all improve the health of your nails, and as an added bonus, will also help your hair!


6. Keeping It short

Sacrilege for some! I know! But it’s lockdown and Zoom is from the neck up. Having short nails reduces the likelihood of germs collecting under the nails.


7. NAIL IT with this simple treatment!

We’ve put together a Nail Repair Kit, which will have you staring in awe at your healthy glistening tips as you text the day away. For a limited time only, this exclusive set includes our potent GingerChi Nail & Cuticle Repair, a pair of cotton gloves and a bonus 1oz jar of Coconut Ginger Sugar scrub. All housed in a handy drawstring cotton travel bag!

Whenever you have some time on your hands - during a long zoom meeting, a webinar or catching up with a binge worthy series, this Nail Spa Treatment is easy to do and will provide amazing results. For 'wow' factor, we suggest an overnight treatment. Getting a good night's sleep while you beatify your hands - now that's multitasking perfection!

1. Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, in preparation for the treatment.

2. Scoop a dollop of Ginger Coconut Sugar Scrub and massage into your hands to take off dead skin cells. The scrub contains natural organic cane sugar, which has glycolic acid to help to break up layers of dead skin while the sugar granules gently exfoliates. Meanwhile, the coconut oil infuses into the deep layers of your skin leaving your hands soft and intensely moisturized.

Alternatively - you can try our new Rice Bran Cleanser/Masque with antioxidants and gentle exfoliating rice husks. Usually applied to the face, Forbes lists it as the best ancient traditional remedy for dry hands!

3. Rinse off scrub/masque with clean, warm water and dry hands and nails.

4. Dispense 1 or 2 drops of Nail& Cuticle Repair onto each nail. Massage well into cuticles and nails. Apply a few drops of oil to hands as well. Rub hands together, making sure your hand and nails are well lubricated.

5. Slip your emollient rich hands into the cotton gloves and let your freshly resurfaced skin start to soak in all the beneficial ingredients.

TIP: With your nails and cuticles in top form, don’t let them fall back into a state of disrepair. The Nail and Cuticle Repair Oil also comes in a handy roll-on form that dispenses just the right amount of oil which you can should ideally apply every time after washing your hands! I like to keep an extra roll-on by the sink for convenience.


Why the GingerChi Nail & Cuticle Repair Oil is the best

Our GingerChi Nail and Cuticle Repair Oil is formulated with the best essential oils for nourishing nails and cuticles - Hemp Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and heals dry and damaged skin and nails. It also has a strengthening effect and is ideal for irritated, sensitive skin especially around the cuticle area. Fresh Ginger Oil has natural anti-fungal properties and is great for improving nail strength. Pumpkin Seed Oil, high in beta-carotene, Vitamins A and B, Omega Fatty Acids encourages cell turnover and promotes skin renewal and speeds up wound healing. Myrrh Essential Oil works to heal damaged skin while decreasing inflammation.


Let us know what you think! 


Be well and stay safe. With love and good Chi,


Anna xoxo