Roll over Jade Roller, The Gua Sha is the new fave in the beauty world today. When we introduced the Jade Roller in 2014, everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on one. Now it’s all about the Gua Sha.

GingerChi, known for their authentic Jade Roller and whose Gua Sha tools have been featured in Vogue, Allure and WWD will give you the rundown on all things Gua Sha as well as why their signature Facial Treatment, The Heaven & Earth Gua Sha Natural Face lift has become the one of the most sought out treatments in NYC.


And what is the fuss about? Especially when the Gua Sha has been around even longer than the Jade Roller. Used primarily on the body for treating pain and disease, Gua Sha has been practiced in China for thousands of years.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, many diseases and health issues can be linked to stagnant “Chi,” The life force energy that flows through the body via meridian channels.

The word ‘Gua’ in Chinese, means ‘to scrape’ away. The scraping of the Gua Sha tool along specific points in the body is believed to encourage a healthy flow of energy (Chi) and blood.

The 'scraping' technique was used on the body to release toxins and relieve pain in tired/ sore, injured muscles as well as reduce inflammation. By ‘scraping’ (with repeated strokes on surface of skin), the guasha helps stimulate fresh blood flow and draw out stagnation in the problem areas to help generate metabolic cell repair and healing.

The same principle applies to the face. Using the Gua Sha (much less aggressively) over face curvatures can help stimulate meridian points, detoxify, bring fresh blood to surface and promote lymphatic drainage. It relaxes the tension in facial muscles, which can cause lines. Like a work-out for the face, with regular use, Gua Sha can help balance, tone and promote skin elasticity.


Originally Gau Shas were made of jade. Jade is the traditional stone of China. Cool to the touch and is believed to have healing and detoxing properties. Nowadays with the popularity of semi precious stones and natural stone tools, you will see Gua Shas made out of rose quartz, tiger’s eye, lapis and agate, to name a few. Every stone is unique and known to have different healing/spiritual properties. In actuality a Gua Sha made from any of the stones will provide the same results. It’s more about the Gua Sha technique, than the type of stone.

Whether your preference is the Roller or Gua Sha, both techniques will provide similar benefits. The rolling technique is more gentle and soothing but still works the facial muscles, boosts circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.

After a Gua Gua session of lifting and sculpting, it is nice to use a chilled roller to close pores and soothe the skin.


- Enhances skin elasticity.

-Tones facial muscles.

- Helps refine pores.

- Reduces puffiness and dark circles around eyes.

- Helps relieve muscle tension that may cause fine lines and wrinkles.

- Improves blood circulation.

- Aids in the elimination of toxins, reducing stress and inflammation.


Prepping the skin

1. Cleanse the Face. This first step is crucial, as we do not want to push any residual dirt and grime deeper into Pores. The GingerChi Purifying Cleanser works in harmony with skin’s own sebum to get rid of excess oil, dissolving grease, dirt and debris in the pores without causing dryness or damage. The GingerChi 100% Muslin Face Cloth helps to gently exfoliate and wipe away any remnants of oil and dead skin cells.

2. Apply Serum Oil over Face & Neck. We recommend to lubricate the surface to provided slip for the Gua sha Tool to glide over skin, without pulling.

Best Oil for Gua Sha

Along with the Gua Sha tools, It's important to use face oils that have nourishing properties that are suitable for your face type, along with slip to allow the Gua Sha stone to glide smoothly over acupoints and to scuplt the skin. Our Regenerating Face Serum contains a blend of antioxidants and omega fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E, which will be absorbed deeper into the skin to strengthen, repair, improve tone and elasticity, and fight the signs of aging. For more sensitive and blemish-prone, we recommend GingerChi's Blue Tansy Balancing Face Oil. It's calming and gentle properties helps promotes healing, balance and nourishment.

Coming soon are our line of Gua Sha Oils to specifically target mature, dry and sensitive skin.

It’s this mindful balance of yin and yang between the selected ingredients, working in harmony with each other, that creates a unique beauty regimen for noticeable results.


There are over 120 points on the neck face and head. These points are also associated with the meridian lines and our internal organs.

The Face Gua sha technique involves using all sides of the carved stone, ergonomically designed for the curves of the face and body to glide, sweep (and scraping) over pressure points.

1. We first open the channels on the face. Use your finger or the rounded pointed edge of the Gua Sha to press on vital acupressure points around the face as indicated on the diagram.

2. The forehead. Starting from the center acupressure point move the gua sha upwards to the hairline.

3. Around Eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. In TCM, the acupressure points around the eyes, reflects stagnation in the body, which can result in skin and facial issues. Sweep the gua sha around eye area pressing on appropriate acupressure points, which will also open sinus and clear congestion.

4. Cheeks. Starting at the point at mouth, then the base of the nose and then the side of the now, sweep across the face to the temples.

5. Jawline and Chin. Move the gua sha up the chin to lips, pressing on the point under the lips. Perform some circular motions around chin. Guide the gua sha along the jawline, focusing on the acupressure point before the ear to release tension. This point is great for relieve the symptoms of TMJ. Sweep up the excess skin under chin, over jawline and up to the cheek bone.

6. Lymphatic Drainage. Starting at the temples, move around the ears to the acupressure points, down the side of the neck to the collarbone. 

7. Finally the neck, head and shoulders. We hold a lot of tension in these areas, which can result in deep furrows and wrinkles. Using the point and curved side of gua sha, focus on acupressure points along the base of the skull and ‘scrape’ down the neck and over the shoulders. For releasing tension in the head, start at the hairline, use the gua sha in small circular movements on acupressure points along the top of the head to the back, going towards the ear in parallel lines.


In Chinese culture, Chi is the life-force that flows through all living beings. In Indian culture, this is known as 'prana'. A free flow of Chi is vital for keeping our bodies balanced and functioning properly. Lifestyle, what we eat, our stress levels are a constant threat to the delicate balance in our bodies. These factors can cause stagnation in our organs and block the healthy flow of Chi. As a result, ailments such as indigestion, insomnia, migraines can occur. Our skin will also reflects this disharmony with dryness, sensitivity, oiliness or acne. Consider these as cries for help from our body’s largest organ, the skin.


The world is made of dualities – hot and cold, dark and light, male and female, yin and yang, heaven and earth. The key as mentioned, is balance. 

The Beauty of Balance is GingerChi's philosophy behind every GingerChi product and Chi Rejuvenation Treatment. This is most apparent in our Heaven & Earth Natural Face Lift Gua Sha Treatment

In our signature treatment, we have chosen to use two natural stone tools – Bian and Jade. These Gua Sha tools with their yin and yang properties represent heaven and earth. 

The Bian Stone when heated, is useful for stimulating blood flow and improving circulation. This is the heaven component, with the heat representing yang. 

Jade is revered for its healing properties and for balancing the body's processes. It is made of nephrite, stays cool to the touch, and represents the earth component and yin.

These stones work in harmony to hep create a Gua Sha facial that leaves the skin looking youthful and refreshed. 


Bian stones were formed about 65 million years ago when a meteorite collided with Earth in Shandong, China. Known as “needle stones”, they were a staple of traditional Chinese medicine for generations. They are considered a precursor to acupuncture, utilizing heated pointed stones instead of acupuncture needles to treat neck and back pain.

Bian stones have excellent thermal conductivity and heat-storing capabilities. We heat up the Bian Gua Sha stone, which helps release trace minerals beneficial to the human body. Studies have shown that the properties of Bian stone can help to stimulate blood circulation and relax muscles and joints. 

Bian Gua Sha Mushroom Discs and Gua Sha Massage Sticks can heated in hot water and rolled or maneuvered over acupressure points and tense muscles for instant relief of tension. The massage sticks held like a ‘pen’ using the either end to press gently on acupressure point to stimulate Chi and relieve tension.


In China, Jade is believed to carry nourishing and gentle energy. In the past, it was said to promote clarity of mind and purity of spirit. Even today, it is still considered a symbol of beauty, grace, and longevity. Jade rollers evolved as an Imperial Chinese beauty tool, used to refine, tone, and enhance skin elasticity while stimulating meridian points to promote facial Chi.  

Our Jade Roller and Gua Sha tools are crafted from Xiuyan Jade mined in the northern provinces of China. The semiprecious stone has properties that allow it to remain cold on contact, even in warm weather. This cooling effect helps to minimize pores, tighten skin, reduce puffiness, and increase lymphatic drainage. In order to maximize the effect, we use the Jade Gua Sha tools cold for our facial. 

The little Jade mushrooms discs (1.25 d x 1.75 h inches) are the perfect size to tighten skin around the sensitive eye area. The semiprecious stone remains cool on contact even in warm weather. This cooling effect helps minimize pores, tighten skin and increase lymphatic drainage. We keep our jade tools cold to maximize these benefits.


“I had the Heaven and Earth facial with Anna. Best facial I’ve ever had. Every detail was considered — the tea I was served on arrival, hot stones to keep me warm and relaxed, the incredible GingerChi Products. Lots of facial massage which felt wonderful and left my skin feeling healthy and de-puffed “

J. Sims

After the Gua Sha therapy, you’ll notice lift in the jowls and cheeks, along with diminishing fine lines, dark circles and eye puffiness, and a smoother more refined skin texture. The benefits of Gua Sha treatments are immediately apparent, refreshing your skin and leaving it youthful and glowing. 

“It was so much more than a facial, and left me feeling and looking more refreshed and rejuvenated than any facial I’ve ever had.”  K. Tachibana

“I am extremely pleased with how soft and rejuvenated my face feels and looks afterwards. I feel lucky to have found this spa and am grateful to the staff for making this such a wonderful, special experience.” – R. Perlman

“My skin was glowing and looked even better the following day.” – Robyn W.

“The skin of my face was left, relaxed, glowing, smooth and elastic.” D. Jarotta

Hope you enjoyed this article and will be inspired to incorporate Gua Sha into your daily beauty regimen.



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