Regenerating Face SerumRegenerating Face Serum

Regenerating Face Serum

From $ 12.00
Anti-Aging Jade Rollerbest jade roller

Anti-Aging Jade Roller

$ 28.00
Jade Gua Sha ToolJade Gua Sha Tool

Jade Gua Sha Tool

$ 22.00
Oral Detox Oil Pulling BlendOral Detox Oil Pulling Blend

Oral Detox Oil Pulling Blend

From $ 12.00
jade maskJade Relaxation Mask Therapy
Sold out

Jade Relaxation Mask Therapy

$ 48.00
mulberry silk charmeuse pillowcaseMulberry Silk Pillowcase

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

From $ 28.00
Purifying Oil CleanserPurifying Oil Cleanser

Purifying Oil Cleanser

$ 32.00
Organic Eye Oil ConcentrateOrganic Eye Oil Concentrate

Organic Eye Oil Concentrate

$ 32.00
Hydrating Chi MistHydrating Chi Mist

Hydrating Chi Mist

From $ 9.00
Juniper Berries Juniper Toning Body Oil
Sold out

Juniper Toning Body Oil

From $ 9.00
Ginger Rosemary Hair & Scalp OilGinger Rosemary Hair & Scalp Oil

Ginger Rosemary Hair & Scalp Oil

From $ 9.00
Rose Quartz GuaShaRose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

$ 26.00
Jute Body Dry BrushJute Body Dry Brush

Jute Body Dry Brush

$ 26.00
Ginger Peppermint Lip GlowGinger Peppermint Lip Glow

Ginger Peppermint Lip Glow

$ 12.00
mulberry silkMulberry Silk Eye Mask

Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

$ 15.00
100% Mulberry Silk Face Mask100% Mulberry Silk Face Mask

100% Mulberry Silk Face Mask

From $ 12.00
rice bran cleanserRice Bran Cleanser/Masque

Rice Bran Cleanser/Masque

From $ 11.00
ginger lime soapFresh Ginger Lime Soap

Fresh Ginger Lime Soap

$ 7.00
oil for pain reliefGinger Pain Relief Treatment Oil

Ginger Pain Relief Treatment Oil

From $ 12.00
Age Defying RETINOL+Age Defying RETINOL+

Age Defying RETINOL+

From $ 11.00
Brightening Vital-C+Brightening Vital-C+

Brightening Vital-C+

From $ 11.00
Sisal Body Dry BrushSisal Body Dry Brush

Sisal Body Dry Brush

$ 26.00
CoconutHydrating Coconut Oil

Hydrating Coconut Oil

$ 30.00
Bian Stone RollerBian Stone Roller

Bian Stone Roller

$ 29.00


From $ 24.00
anti aging rollerAnti-Aging Jade Mini Roller

Anti-Aging Jade Mini Roller

$ 18.00
Bian Gua sha Massage ToolBian Gua sha Massage Tool

Bian Gua sha Massage Tool

From $ 20.00
The Best FACE Mini SET

The Best FACE Mini SET

$ 28.00
Lavender Ginger Body OilLavender Ginger Body Oil

Lavender Ginger Body Oil

From $ 18.00
Dry Brush and Glow BundleDry Brush and Glow Bundle

Dry Brush and Glow Bundle

From $ 48.00
100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchie100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

From $ 6.00
Pelvic Massage OilPelvic Core Massage Oil

Pelvic Core Massage Oil

$ 25.00
GingerChi Digital Gift Card

GingerChi Digital Gift Card

From $ 30.00
Jade Mini Mushroom Massage DiscJade Mini Mushroom Massage Disc
Sold out

Jade Mini Mushroom Massage Disc

From $ 18.00
best oil for breast massageBreast Massage Oil

Breast Massage Oil

$ 25.00
tummy massageTummy Massage Oil

Tummy Massage Oil

$ 25.00
Skin Booster SetSkin Booster Set

Skin Booster Set

From $ 28.00

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